Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Freedom Summer!

This week all four of my kids are in VBS. Ike is the wonderful magical age of four, so for the first year, he can attend without me volunteering.

So guess what.

I ain't volunteering.


Yes. Every morning I march my kiddos past the bamboo and into the sanctuary, smile, wave and chitchat for a few minutes with all my cute friends in their cute panda tshirts, and then I walk out of the building, get in my car, and drive away.


And I feel no guilt. Zero. Zilch. For I have paid me some mean VBS dues.

I've been teaching/doling out crayons/story telling/singing/hand motioning every summer since I was 8 months pregnant with Shepherd. One crazy summer I even volunteered at three count em three different churches.

Next summer I should (please God) have a baby girl whom I will probably bring with me while I go back to my old routine of passing out goldfish and yelling at sweetly encouraging my kids to pay attention to the bible lesson.

So this summer, the first summer of my life that I can drop off four children and drive away, I've got my kids scheduled at no less than four count 'em four VBSs around town. By some holy decree the theme in every church in Houston and perhaps the world is Pandamania. By August, they should have sprouted black ears and grown white bellies and be able to order their fried rice in perfect Mandarin.

Our church is a bit of a hike from the burbs so this week I don't come home. Instead, I've got three hours to kill every day in the big city. Yesterday, I sat on Jenny's couch and drank coffee. Tomorrow, I am sitting on Linsey's couch and drinking coffee. And Tari just offered up her couch for Friday! Yea! (Thursday is still open y'all!)

Today? Well, I went to IKEA to look at curtains, but before that I hung out at church and chatted with Karre. And while chatting, I took pictures of myself on my iPhone and emailed them to my husband at work.

Like this one

I just can't believe I voted for that Congressman Weiner. 
And I just can't believe he never answers my tweets.

and this one

Can someone tell me where the Spam aisle is?

and this one

Why hello! You look just darlin! I just love your hair! Have you lost weight! Cause you look darlin! So listen, we need someone to be the chair of VBS for next summer and I immediately thought of you! I know you are pregnant with your sixth baby and homeschooling them all while training for the marathon and your sick grandma just moved in with you but I know you can handle it! I couldn't imagine anyone else doing it! Oh praise the Lord! I'll send you all the info! I can't believe how darlin you look!

Okay, now, y'all better get to bed, because y'all have a big day of panda-herding tomorrow!! See ya at dropoff! You look darlin!!



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