Monday, June 6, 2011

Missy's Totally Awesome Two Minute Tip

Yeah, so, yeah. I didn't get my whole house redone in 30 days.

I did do some cool stuff and I will show it to you later but for now? I just need to NOT THINK about redecorating my house for a little bit.

So I am just popping in to say heeeeeeeey. Hey y'all.

I figured that wasn't a good enough post so as I was just brushing my teeth and all the good night stuff I do I thought I would share with you my Two Greatest Tips of Late.

Tip #1: Vitamin D is Speed.

A few months ago I was driving home and caught a lady on the radio saying that we needed to take Vitamin D and a whole lot of it. I had heard this before, from my dear friend Oprah, and I had tried it and never saw much difference. (I have  the joy of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and am constantly looking for magical fixes and at one point was taking a small country's GNP of pills and potions and powders every day...and never saw a significant difference.) But radio lady said to take lots, like 10,000ius. So I bought some and holy supplement, within a couple of days I had more energy than I have had in years.

A week later I went to my doctor who is into endocrinology, and my blood tests showed that I was indeed Vitamin D deficient just. like. Oprah. and I was shocked! Stunned! Flabbergasted! When I told the nurse that I had been taking so much lately, she replied, "Well then just think about how deficient you must have been a month ago."

I always thought that, living in hot humid please God let it rain Houston the sunny tropics like I do as opposed to Chicago for instance, it was just impossible for me to be vitamin D deficient. But I've been schooled. Everyone needs D, and lots of it. My friend who is a doctor here in 105 degree Houston (yes it was today) says 90% of her patients test Vitamin D deficient. There was even a study of Hawaiian surfers - over half of them were deficient.  So, like, you probably are too, dude. Totally. 

The FDA recommends 400ius a day, but that is just the amount that is needed to prevent rickets - we need much more than 400ius to receive the benefits of it, and there are many many benefits. I could cite you all kinds of statistics about cancer prevention and all that but you are as acquainted with Dr. Google as I am. All I know is Momma Has Energy.

Last week someone asked Dr. Oz if he could only give one directive, what would it be - and he said Take Vitamin D. Hello! Dr. Oz and I are in cahoots! What more do you need?

I take two to four 5000iu capsules every night and I give my kiddos 400ius in addition to the 400 in their multivitamins. No, it does not give them more energy - because I don't think that is possible for my spaz monkeys. But it is believed that Vitamin D is more effective than a flu shot and preventing the flu - and the week after I started taking it, everyone in my family got a nasty bug - except moi. Color me convinced.

Another bonus? Vitamin D is one of the cheapest vitamins you can buy, especially when you get buy one get one free.

Just in case you care, I also take a B complex, 4 fish oils, and I love me a good niacin flush. And I can't stop popping the kids' gummy multivitamins. Honestly, I just have to put the bottle down and walk away. The kids get a gummy multi and two Little Critters Omega 3s in addition to the D - which taste disgusting (Gummy + Fish = totally gag me with a gummy fish dude) but the kids love them. I am also a huge fan of probiotics but I am out at the moment.

Totally Awesome Two Minute Tip #2 coming your way tomorrow.

So I know y'all have some good tips. Lay em on me!


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