Saturday, June 25, 2011

There. I posted something.

Walker took this week off for a little Staycation so we have been busy bees with all kinds of Quality Family Fun Time.

Thursday we went to the Museum of Fine Arts to expose our heatherns to some culture and because we thought saying "I SAID DON'T TOUCH!!" approximately 30 times a minute sounded like fun. I did get a cute picture of all four of them, which is a summertime miracle right there y'all

That night, my husband and Jenny's husband Mark had plans to go see a movie with the boys. So I had the bright idea that we would just take the kids over to her house, and after playing serenely, our seven children would all fall asleep watching a movie, then we would just move our four silently into the car around 10:30, kissing their sweetly sleeping foreheads, and drive them home before we tucked them all snug in their beds. Jenny even had a babysitter coming, so the fantasy was that we would sit on her balcony, drink mommy beverages and enjoy kid-free momversation under the stars.

Stupid. Stupid idea. Seriously one for the Stupid Hall of Fame. Sleep? HA! Too busy complaining about the movie. Momversation was rudely interrupted by reports to the balcony like, "Mom, the little kid is walking around naked with poop on his legs." Ike had three accidents, and there are no stars in Houston. Walker's movie was interrupted by texts saying "COME HOME ASAP! THIS IS HELLISH!" and another immediately following, "I mean, after your movie is done. <3"

He did rush back, muttering, "I told you so"s and "I can't believe you thought that would work"s. Our children fought all the way home and were finally asleep around 11pm.


Yesterday was much better. We drove way out yonder to a place my sister-in-law recommended called Splashway in Sheridan, Texas. I must admit I was pessimistic as we drove and drove and drove and the rain clouds hovered, but as soon as we pulled up in the parking lot, I was glad we made it. Loved it!! It is a 'family waterpark' - which means neato things like the water almost never gets deeper than three feet; you can bring a cooler of snacks and drinks in; the people were nice and calm and sober; and they played Christian music over the loudspeakers. They have lots of little kid areas and some big scary slides - we rode them all, including a 40 foot free fall slide that I renamed The Enema. Not my favorite. But aside from that, the kids pronounced it the best place ever.

However, with all the excitement and quality husband time, I'm experimenting a little bloggy block. So I asked y'all on my facebook page for some suggestions. Couple of good ideas, and some quick easy answers, which I shall now share because I can't think of anything else to blog about:

Vanessa Kids arguing with everything their parents say. Or complaining. :)
 22 hours ago ·

Run, don't walk, or, like, type really fast, to buy this book. Life changing.

  • Sarah How to handle your 3-year old being smarter than you are.
    21 hours ago · · 1 person
    Well, now I am working on how to handle your 6 year old being smarter than you are, so I can't help you much. Except, see above. You'll probably need that book.  

  • Lori King Jacobs Your time in Kansas! Your speaking experience. Your WOW time when you got out of the van at Jack & LaDean's and looked up and saw all of the stars. Your amazing friends in Kansas. The April Fool's joke that God played on both you and I. Your experience in the bathroom. Does that give you a few ideas?
    21 hours ago ·

    Oh, I love you Lori. She's talking about when I spoke at her church's ladies' retreat in April. The stars: y'all we don't get stars in Houston. They get them in Kansas. I looked up and was blown away. The April Fool's joke was that I missed my flight. It was rather traumatic. The bathroom: God made me, germophobe, get on my knees and pray in a public bathroom. On my knees. In a public bathroom. In an airport. My own private Ninevah, y'all. All to show me he was large and in charge. He was, he is, and Kansas was spectacular.

    Annie the mother/daughter relationship. I just had a surreal convo with mine. She complained to me about something HER mom does and how much it drives her crazy. Funny thing is she does the EXACT same thing to me. :)
    21 hours ago · · 1 person
    Annie, I can't relate, because you see my mom is perfect in every way. 
    And she reads my blog.

  • Jenny you can guest post on my blog! would LOVE lurv LUV it!
    21 hours ago ·

    Jenny! I need to guest post on my OWN blog!!

  • Aimee A mid-summers night dream? Fun summer plans.
    21 hours ago ·

    I have plans to finish painting my walls a gorgeous Comfort Gray and then....

  • Jen I liked the little glimpses into your re-decorating adventure. I'm in the midst of a similar process myself & love to peek at other real-world projects. I love the Nester, of course, but sometimes she feels so out of my league it's a little discouraging.
    20 hours ago · about it for Jen!

  • Emily Strittmatter Best toddler toys; most worthwhile/least worthwhile "kid" related purchases; most useful child development books; what to do when your child will only eat fruit; how to deal with daycare/MDO/babysitter issues; smocking insights; best of Houston for families
    12 hours ago ·

    Y'all I got to watch Emily not be pregnant and then become a mother. From afar, I've never actually met her, but we have emailed a great deal about her habit of buying little dresses for her yet-to-be-born smocked out daughter. This has been the number one toy my kids loved and played with for years, and I mean years

    I've listed most of my fave child development books here. As for the fruit, have you tried frozen peas? Frozen English peas, straight out of the freezer to the high chair tray. They are so yummy he will be fooled. Other than that, just keep pushing veggies, but homemade ones. Have you tried jarred baby food veggies? Who can blame the child? Homemade baby food is quick and easy, I promise, just use this book. MDO issues: yuck, hate those. I've switched schools lots of times. That probably doesn't help you much. Smocking insights? Come to our consignment sale, of course.

  • Angel You mentioned before that you may blog about pride in blogging. I'd love to read a post about that.
    8 hours ago ·

    Yes. This will be one of those times that I have to remind myself that I don't have to have conquered my sin in order to talk or write about it. 

  • Valerie How to enforce nap time for a 20 month old and a 3 year old who share a room.
    about an hour ago ·
    Super easy Valerie. Admit defeat. Let one of them nap in your room.  We still often even do this at night - Eva Rose gets carried to her own room when we go to bed. When it comes to sleep, the ends (almost) always justifies the means.

There. That wasn't so hard now was it Missy?


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