Tuesday, August 2, 2011

And now for a PSA

My mom emailed me this with a very frantic plea about protecting her grandbabies and then called me twice to make sure I had read it.

She was never that over-protective of me. I swear she loves them more. 

But then I am the daughter who once cut an article on Wanda Holloway out of the Houston Chronicle and left it on the kitchen counter with a note that said, Sometimes I just don't think you love me as much as other moms do.

But paranoid GG aside, it's important info, so I am passing it along...but I also want to remind you that according to John Stossel, your child has a much, much greater chance of being struck by lightning than being kidnapped by a stranger. And then, you'd have to say something really, really heretical. 

But it won't hurt to follow their advice anyway. You know. Just in case.


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