Monday, August 15, 2011

How it happens

NO you cannot watch Caillou. No. I said it's bedtime. No! No Tom and Jerry! Get your clothes off. Now. I! Said! No! You can just quit crying. Oh puh-lease, stop crying. Hush. Oh baby, stop...come here. Baby, don't cry. It's bedtime. You're a tired boy. Oh yes you are. Shhhhh, shhhh. Mommy loves you. Yes you are tired. Get your clothes off. Did you brush your teeth? You did! Good boy, you are such a big boy, such a good baby boy. Shhhhh. Here, Mommy help? Mommy help. Get your bottoms on. Now your top. Sugar boo. No, I said no TV! It's past your bedtime! Shhhhhhhh, shhhhhh. Can you do your pants by yourself? Big boy! You're so cute. Your eyes look so blue. Pretty blue eyed boy. Oh, you give Momma the best hugs! No! Sigh. Okay, 10 minutes of Bugs Bunny. No, just ten minutes. And then when it's over, it's over. Night night time. No books. Okay one book. I mean it. You're lucky you're so cute. And I'm so tired. And even though I told you no I am so tired and you are so cute and I'm so tired and Daddy's not here and I really wish you would be quiet and you are my fourth baby so I know you will not be this cute and little for very much longer so even though your wife will blame me for all your faults I would do just about anything in the world right now if you would just be quiet and yes, I'll snuggle with you for just fifteen minutes, I mean it! Sit in my lap...only fifteen minutes, oh you smell so good shhhhhhhh, shhhhhhh, you're tired. Mommy's tired. Sweet bear. Shhhhh. Just fifteen minutes. My precious little boy. Momma loves you so. Shhhhhhhhhhh



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