Friday, August 12, 2011

Links, a quote, a youtube, and some movies to make you need Xanax

The Created for Care Conference, a retreat just for adoptive mommies, is coming up in January, and you should come because I will be there and we need to hang out! (unless by some remote snowball's chance I'm in Ethiopia)

Even the words that are left unsaid
Oh, I loved this post. Even though it convicted the heck out of me.

Cutest baby announcement ever.

The expected value of each human being is positive
"Soccer player David Beckham and his wife Victoria (formerly a performer) are being derided in the British press as "bad role models." No, they're not publicly carrying on affairs, fighting in public, or abandoning their children. Their sin: having four children." What kinda crazy people have four kids? Man, don't they know where babies come from??

Nella Cordelia Birth Story
One of the most beautiful things I have ever read.

Motherhood is a calling (and where your children rank)
I need to reminded of this, um, pretty much daily. Make that hourly.

Modesty helps foster friendships in women
Let me just go ahead and take this opportunity to say: when you wear strapless dresses to church, to everyone in the pew behind you, you look naked. And to everyone in the church with XY chromosomes, you looking naked may make it a little hard for them to concentrate on Jesus. And being that my husband falls in that category, dear sister in Christ, PLEASE WEAR A SWEATER.
That is all.

Quote for the week:
“The prevailing factor that influences conflict is poverty. Poor countries are more likely to be in conflict than wealthier countries. Countries of per capita incomes below $2,000 have been in conflict, on average, one year out of five since 1980. Above $4,000 a year, it is one year in thirty‐three.” Joseph Siegle

Okay usually I have podcasts for you, but because I am recovering from having my guts ripped open and have been confined to the Orange Reclining Throne with nothing but a remote control as a weapon, I have been a documentary watching fool. Here are some I recommend:

Beyond Belief: about two 9/11 widows who started an organization to help widows in Afghanistan. Beautiful.

The Flute Player a boy survives the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and goes back to revive cultural music.

Mama Heidi about Heidi Baker, a missionary who saves orphans off the streets of Mozambique. I want to be her when I grow up. Watched this with Eva Rose. Just one.

A Family Undertaking: Y'all, I am SO CONVINCED about the beauty of home funerals.  LOVED this documentary and am legally drunk on the Kool-Aid. Really, I'm serious. I've always hated funeral homes, and now I know why. I don't think it's right for such an intensely personal event to be handled by complete strangers in an unknown building with ugly carpet.  Call me crazy, but when I die, y'all gonna just lay me out on my dining room table.

Without the King: about Swaziland, the last absolute monarchy in the world. And the highest rate of AIDS in the world. Yeah, there's a correlation. Very well done.

Unforgotten:: Twenty Five Years After Willowbrook: about the horrific conditions at a institute for the mentally disabled in New York during the 60s and 70s. So depressing. And so reminded me that in many (most?) other countries, this is still the norm.

I know. I'm Dr. Feelgood, eh?

This one is better, I promise.

The Power of Forgiveness: the Karla Faye Tucker Story: I've loved Karla Faye for a long time. She was convicted of killing two people before she was the first woman executed in Texas in over a hundred years. Stick with me. In prison she found Christ, and this very low budget documentary had me in tears the whole time - good, uplifting, "Only God" tears. If you have older children who can handle, you know, talking about death by pickax (ie: older than mine) this would be a great movie to watch as a family.

I just realized I said "stick with me" when referring to a pickax killer.
Lord have mercy on my own soul.

Seven down, only 146 in my queue to go.
Youtube for the week, this'll cheer you up, I pinky promise:


Have a good weekend!


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