Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The old hag checks in

When I do dare to venture off the orange recliner that has become my throne, I walk an Old Hag Walk like this well known celebrity

except that I could never attempt to do something so athletic as carry an apple at the same time so she's one up on me there.

Surgery is not for sissies. This I have learned.

Y'all have been so sweet to enquire if I am still alive and indeed I am. I am ridiculously uncomfortable and a downright invalid and so sick of watching TV that I've actually considered doing something crazy like reading a book, but I am alive.

I finally hobbled over the the computer today to pay bills and other exciting things, and as a result my poor back is screaming at me so back to my throne I go where softly and tenderly

Vicodin is calling.


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