Thursday, September 1, 2011

I is smart, I is kind, I is important, I is the last on the planet to read this book

Beth and I went to see The Help tonight. Finally.

She had read it but I, unlike the rest of America, had not. I normally try to read a book before I see the movie. Which is why I have yet to see any of the Harry Potter movies. Okay, no, I haven't read Harry Potter, all right? 8000 page books intimidate me! I have commitment issues! Don't be hatin!

But I have trying to get my hands on this book since my mom first mentioned it in 09 and asking everyone I know if I could borrow it, I finally gave up and went to see it anyway.

I loved the movie. L to the O to the V to the I to the E'd it. And part of the reason was that baby Mae Mobley

 reminded me so much of another chubby little blond girl I used to know

that it hurt my heart to even look at her.

You see what I mean, right? It's not all in my head is it?

I miss my baby Eva Rose. And the fact that my girl has had an especially hard week at school - and well, actually, a pretty hard year - only made it hurt more. {Prayers are appreciated.}

After the movie was over, I went straight to Target and - girrrrrrl you know it - finally bought the book. With real cash money.

So I'm going to bed now. I'll let you know how it is around 3am. Because I saw this on Pinterest and, well, yeah.

Did y'all read the book or see the movie yet? What'd you think?

And which character did you see yourself in the most? My name's Celia Foote, nice to meet you.


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