Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm sure we would have totally been bridesmaids if we weren't already totally married

You know how someone will say "Oh you have to meet my friend so-and-so, y'all are so much alike, you'd just love each other" and you're like, yeah yeah, whatevs, she's probably a freak and if we ever met we'd just stare at each other awkwardly like two eighth graders at a school dance and wonder if you have bread stuck in your braces.

But then sometimes you do meet and you actually do have a "wow, you are so neato and I think I love you!" moment. And then your husbands meet and they like each other and your kids like each other and it's just PERFECT. And she runs this company with gorgeous jewelry and every once in a while she leaves you, like, bracelets on your car door handle.  (Now that's what I call friends-with-benefits.)

That's what happened with me and Jessica (thanks, Sabra! you were right!)

If it sounds like making friends after your married is kinda like dating it's because making friends after you're married is kinda like dating. I had loads of girlfriends when I was single but now? A good girlfriend is about as rare as a good husband. Not quite as rare because I have a few good girlfriends and I only intend to have one good husband but you get my point.

And then when you do find an awesome girlfriend, you desperately want your husbands to be friends too. So y'all plan for weeks to get everyone together for dinner, and then you stare at the guys all evening, analyzing their every move. Afterwards, you quiz yours: Did you like him? I saw you laugh at his joke! He's funny right? He's nice right? Do you want to hang out with them again?? And your husband will go, eh. He's a nice guy. He's fine. The dreaded fine.
Hopes dash. Dreams die.

(I just realized that Walker has never, ever tried to hook me up with one of his friend's wives in desperate hope that we will hit it off. Not once. Guys are so weird.)

But - I love Jessica, and Walker liked Joe, and I think that Joe liked Walker.
I know! I should go buy a lottery ticket, right?!?

So now both the Honeggers who are loved by both the Dollahons are on their way to Rwanda right now to bring home a supposedly two but probably three year old little boy. And I am so excited I can't stand it.

If you want to follow the journey, you can subscribe to her blog here.

Now I am off to the Hill Country for some oh-so-needed husbandless beloved girlfriend time.
Y'all have a good weekend.


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