Monday, October 24, 2011

Welcome home Jack NOONDAY GIVEAWAY

Jack's home, playing in the backyard in his pjs with his new big sis Amelie

eating Daddy's bacon (which is the best bacon ever, because he adds fresh ground pepper and just a little cayenne, truly a lifechanging tip, you're welcome)

and playing with Mommy's lipgloss (desperate airport times call for desperate airport measures.)

Seriously, could you eat him up??

In case you're new to my blog, Noonday Collection is my addiction of choice. 

Jessica started it as a way to fund her adoption and it's grown so big so fast that her head is spinning and Jack's adoption was funded (yea God!!) All of the jewelry is fair trade and provides women all over the world a pathway out of poverty - and that means less orphans y'all.

Last week we agreed to sponsor a woman in Rwanda named Esperance so that she can go to school to learn how to make the jewlery. It cost us $330 - about how much we spend on electricity in one month - to fund a scholarship to send a girl to college.  To Harvard, essentially. I don't think I've ever been so excited to write a check. Esperance will now have the chance to earn a skill that will provide her a good wage, so that when she does have children, she can afford to feed them. And send them to school. And maybe even have some leftover to buy herself a cute pair or earrings.

I can think of no better way to celebrate Jack's Texan citizenship than a Noonday giveaway, can you?

Courtney Garrett is the reigning Miss Houston in the Noonday Ambassador Pageant and she wants to give you a $50 giftcard to Noonday!

And if I were you, I would use it towards the Kampala with Love necklace because I have been coveting admiring it ever since Jessica wore it to meet Jack. I never wear red but I really, really think it's time to start.

But, I you might want to go yellow with the Happy Day necklace from Uganda

or blue with the Agate Drops earrings, made by Tibeten refugees, which I happen to have and wear about five times a week (and now I think I need the coral ones)


or the peacock earrings from India (peacocks are in, have you noticed? I've noticed.)

or this trellis gate cuff - oooo, I like this new India stuff. This is only $24? What?

If you don't win, you're gonna be blown away at the prices, so y'all, snatch up some Christmas gifts before Jessica comes to her senses. She's jetlagged, so there's still time.

Okay, so, here's what you do to win:
  2. One entry: go to Courtney's page and pick out your favorite item (it'll be hard, I know) then leave it in the comments
  3. "Like" Noonday Collection on  Facebook and leave a comment
  4. Share this giveaway on your own facebook page and leave a comment
  5. Blog about this giveaway and leave a link
  6. My friend Cheryl is also doing a giveaway and you can hop over to her blog and double your chances to win! 

I am going to choose a Nanostyle giveaway soon so you still have a chance to enter that one, and the Olay Pro-X Clear $50 giveaway. I know, it's Giveawaypalooza over here!


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