Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Correspondence between devoted Christians

Wolman, Daniel Daniel.Wolman@turner.com  
to Missydoll

I am Mrs Elizabeth Etters, a devoted christian. I am in the process of setting up a charity foundation but due to my health condition I would need somebody to help me finish it. This mail was sent by one of my PA (Wolman Daniel) so please reply to my email address: etterslizzy1001@mynet.com for more details.
Remain Blessed
Elizabeth Etters



Missy to etterslizzy1001, Daniel
 9:25 PM (0 minutes ago)

Dear Mrs. Etters,

What a coincidence, I too am currently setting up a charitable foundation!

It is to aid people who have been victims of email fraud! Can you believe the horrific people who earn money by preying on others?? Have they no decency?

If only those people would use their powers of intellect to do some GOOD in the world, instead of living their lives as thieves. Oh, they are truly soldiers in Satan's army! I pray that they would repent and know the joy that comes from knowing Jesus Christ, turn from their evil ways and become warriors for the one true God!

Please feel free to send me a check to help those who have fallen prey to these evil email scammers.

Remain blessed,


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