Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The high, high, high cost of living

Shepherd has gotten really interested in money lately. Like, really interested. I'm sure it's developmentally appropriate and all but like most developmentally appropriate stages, it's rather annoying.

Who just said that? Only a horrible mother would say that! Ohmygah I can't believe you just said that. {Pitiful exhale.}

My particular favorite was when he asked an acquaintance, as we were riding in her car, "Is this a luxury car?" Love those awkward moments.

Good news: he's constantly asking how he can earn money. Bad news: as his grasp of finances is still developing, he believes that a chore such as cleaning the car is worth at least $100. It's like negotiating salaries with a deranged union boss.

He also has declared himself the expert on how much all things cost. "Too bad your Barbie's head fell off, cuz you can't get another one - they're like $60," he'll announce to his sister. Or, "Mom, can we go buy a Bay Blade? They're only two dollars!"

His expertise, much like his service value, is over-inflated.

Bless his heart.

Last night he made a similar statement at dinner so Walker decided to quiz him on the price of things.

His answers:

Shep’s estimate
New bicycle
New car
New house
Daddy’s salary
Teachers’ salaries
Bethie’s adoption
Dinner at a restaurant for 6
New TV $300
Gallon of milk

Quite delusional, he is.

While he may not have a future in business, at least now we know he'll fit right in should he decide to run for Congress!


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