Friday, November 11, 2011

Missy's Two Minute Tip: Natural cure for depression

Hi y'all!

I am headed out this afternoon to speak at a ladies' retreat so I am totally gonna hijack someone else's blog post. But it's a post that I've been meaning to write for a long time, and Sandy just did, so yea me!

Sandy is talking about a natural remedy for depression called Sam-E.

I've had issues with PMS, PPMD and depression since Aunt Flo first came for a visit in the early 80s, Took me a while to realize it was treatable - I just thought I was 'very emotional' and 'prone to moodiness.' Ha! I'm prone to going postal on the waiter if they forget to put my salad dressing on the side. Once in high school I saw a dead cat on the side of the road and cried for three hours. I crossed the bridge from moody to bananas. But then, one week later, I'm happy and normal.

The wacky hormone curse runs rampant in my family tree, turns out. My birthmom had a hysterectomy in her 20s just to get rid of the PMS. Yea, gene pool!

I had post-partum depression (PPD) with two of my four kiddos - once pretty bad, once just so-so bad. The first time, getting pregnant cured it. The second time, after Maggie's birth, 400mg of Sam-E and 4 fish oil pills a day cured it. Cured it fast. Like within four days fast. And I nursed while I took it.

After Ike's very traumatic birthday and NICU stay, I knew that I was such high risk for PPD that I started popping my Sam-E immediately. I never got it! Can't say that's for sure why, but I think it probably was. I made up for it about a year later when the hormones went to Crazy Town. But at least during his infancy, I was just fine.

I have read a study that said that Sam-E was as effective as Prozac in curing PPD. I cannot find that study now to save my life, but trust me, I read it with my own eyes.

I am in no way against taking prescription medicine if that's what you need. I've had to go that route before too. But if depression can be cured naturally with something you can pick up at Target, then oh my skull, let's try the natural approach first. Plus anti-depressants make me fat. Fat and happy, but fat. (Sandy too, we've co-whined often.)

Oh - one more thing. One of the ways that my PPD manifested itself was in incredibly irrational and constant fears about my kids dying (see this post). In the past few months, I've had three new moms email and say they are obsessed with their baby dying! So while, it is common, IT IS NOT NORMAL. It's those stupid hormones stealing your joy. Sam-E might just restore it, my friend.

Hormones are one of the best weapons in Satan's arsenal, I'm convinced of it. Sigh.

Pop over to God Speaks Today and get more details from Sandy.

Have a good weekend!!


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