Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sister envy


I always wished that I had a sister.

I used to pretend one of my baby dolls was my baby sister.

Once I asked my mom, so close to her own baby sister, if she ever had another little girl what would she name her?

She said, "I always liked the name Belle, after Mamaw, her name was Rosa Belle."

My mom doesn't remember this conversation, 

but I do.

Eva Rose's baby sister is named Maggie Belle.

When she was born, Mom said, tearfully, "I am so glad that Eva Rose has a sister now."

I hear them:
"You be the mommy fairy, and I'll be the little girl fairy, and I pa-tend I was bad at fairy school today..."

I feel a mixture of joy

and envy

for the sister I never had.

When they fight - and boy do they fight - I tell them, "You are so blessed to have a sister

I never had a sister. Now make each other laugh or go to your room."

They run away giggling

to play more fairy games.


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