Thursday, December 1, 2011

But enough about me, let's talk about me

I have an amazing story to tell y'all about CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS yes, y'all, it's a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE but Walker was gone all week and he's currently doing a Freebirds run and then y'all know what we're gonna do - that's right baby - we're gonna move in real close to each other, look in each other's eyes, whisper, "Now!" and watch the Modern Family that's waiting on the DVR.

Aw haw.

So for tonight I'm gonna do a quick shameless copy of something Megan did the other day, called, "What I'm Into".

Also known as: "But Enough About Me, Let's Talk About Me."

On my nightstand:
Oh, so many. I have book ADD and am constantly juggling 15 at once.
  • I finally broke down and bought My Utmost for His Highest instead of just using an iPhone app. I alternate between Ozzy and Spurgeon, two of my fave dead theo-homies. They get all up in my bidness.
  • Unbroken: so, so good, about WWII POW Louis Zamperini. I told Walker, you know that Laura Hillenbrand is a good author when I actually care about track statistics from the 1930s! If you need a gift for your dad this Christmas, this is the one.
  • Girls on the Edge, which is freaking. me. out. but is an important book I think every mom of girls needs to read (his book for boys, Boys Adrift, is on my to-read list)
  • I'm excited that Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches is being mailed to me by the publisher. A lot of ladies on my church's mommy group have been talking about Rachel Jankovic since she had an awesome blog post published on Desiring God (Piper = one of my fave live theo-homies.)
Movies I've Seen:

y'all, I love scary movies. Can't stand / have been known to walk out of violent slasher kill 'em movies, but a well done, psychological thriller, ghost story? Yes please. Walker and I saw Paranormal III in the theater and he said he thought I was going to break his fingers off from squeezing so tight. I let out at least one embarrassing squeal. Loved. It.

  • Modern Family, of course. "I sleep clown." BAHAHAHA
  • The jury is still out on New Girl for me. I think I like it. But I'm not fully committed. 
  • I'm so glad that The Office is back and with a vengeance!! Poor poor Andy.
  • I am trying, again, to watch Mad Men. Such good tv, although sometimes it is hard to concentrate on the plot because I am so coveting  Betty Draper's wardrobe. But not her husband. Noooope.
  • Do y'all watch Locked Up Abroad? I'm glad I found it, because now I know to Just Say No when sketchy guys ask me to smuggle heroin in my high heel shoes in exchange for a free vacation. Thank you, NatGeo.You've saved me years in a third world prison with rats and one toilet per 82 inmates, and for that, I am most grateful.
  • Hoarders, because it inspires me to clean my house like nothing else. Who plays 'spot the hoarder' at garage sales now? Anyone? I saw a total cat lady buying a bunch of junk at a church rummage sale last week and wanted to schedule an intervention right then and there in the fellowship hall. 

In my ears:
  • Monster Mash, because Ike wants to play it overandoverandoverandoverandover
  • In the Jungle, which Shep has declared his favorite song, and he sings so seriously you'd think it was a hymn. Imagine an 8 year old singing "a-wee, a-weh, a-wee, a-weh" with a beatific look on his face. It's so awesome.
  • Jonathon Coulton's The Princess Who Saved Herself, a kids' song that Walker wants to play over and over. It's so great - trust me, just download it.
  • I found a new podcast: it's called Snap Judgment. Loving it. It's a collection of stories, just people telling stories, around themes like "Abducted" or "Road Trip" or "It Wasn't Me." Fun stuff. 
    In my kitchen:

    Well, our kitchen is in a serious state of transition.

    One of my children is having some serious behavior problems (hint: it's the one they named a hurricane after) and is not responding to any discipline. So I am trying the Feingold Diet.

    I've been intrigued by this diet since my friend Linsey told me about it (you can read her story here.) We're in. We're in because we're a little desperate. Ike has more than a few symptoms on their symptom list.

    We do eat mostly healthy around here - or so I thought. But the things I have learned in the past few days about additives and preservatives have given me serious anxiety and caused me trash some things in my pantry with the same disgust I show towards weevil infested grits. Even if this doesn't help his behavior (and I'm praying hard that it will) I will never feed my family the same way again.

    It's very hard to do this over the holidays (my mom and I were scouring the internet today for organic Worcestershire sauce for her Texas Trash) so we won't commit full on till after Christmas.

    As for yummy food, I made Sweet Potato Gratin with Chipotle for the first time this Thanksgiving and my husband fell in love with me all over again.

    Looking forward to:
    • Tomorrow the guys are coming to de-white trash my yard, and I am very 'cited about this. Before the drought, it was tacky. Now? It's a flat out disgrace to decent society.  
    • This weekend we are going to see a kids' version of Handel's Messiah but before then we are taking family photos. That should be interesting. 
    • Christmas!!
    What about you, chickadees? What are you into?


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