Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Juice Fast Day 2: Miracles abound

Weigh in:

Missy: 142!! I forgot to weigh this morning but I weighed at about 2pm and I had lost two pounds! WHOO HOOO!

What'd you say? You call that water weight? Well I call you JEALOUS.  
Walker: He was at work all day and forgot to weigh

This morning we both woke up very well rested but a little grouchy. Or maybe we're just always grouchy in the morning. Anyway we both slept great.

The coffee pot was calling my name but I rebuked it in the name of all things raw and holy and got to work on breakfast. I just threw some things in, no recipe. A whole cantaloupe, some oranges, some kiwi, and the magical ginger. It was delicious.

Walker left to work and I took the kids to school and then Miracle Number One happened: my mom walked in the door.

Maybe it wasn't a true verified miracle. Evidently she had left me two voice mails and sent me an email saying she was coming and I never listen tsk tsk whatever, she appeared in my kitchen in all her GG glory and I was thankful and amazed.

I had a banana for a mid morning snack. Don't judge. Bananas don't go in the juicer.

I also had one tablespoon of flax seed oil, which was really nasty.

For lunch I made Kickin Salsa Verde with kale, spinach, jalapeno, red pepper, cilantro, and tons of tomatoes and I LOVED it. Tasted like just salsa. It was so yummy. Then Amanda asked if I could find one that tasted just like queso instead and she almost caused me to stumble. 

Walker was at work and had nothing for lunch. Which I completely scolded him about. I bet he didn't drink any water either.

After lunch my mom went and got Ike and I took a nap. Because I still feel like a slug. I have a lot of energy motivation.

Could one of y'all please come put away some laundry? Kthanks.

Around 5pm, the headache started to come up again. But then I remembered that I had read on some blog that magnesium can make headaches go away - I took some and within one Judge Judy case that headache was gone!! Yea!! Miracle Number 2!

Dinner: more Kickin Salsa Verde. I made it with a jalapeno for Walker and he was just like, meh. Ingrate. I loved it. My mom bought HEB pasta salad for the kids and THAT was BRUTAL. I just had to back away.

After dinner we watched Downton Abbey and then Walker went straight to bed and here I am sharing my life with you.

Did I mention I lost two pounds??

What I Learned:
  • Miracle Number Three: My friend Chara told me that if I had a cup of hot water with lemon before I drank the juice, it would help with the hunger and the side effects - and she was totally right. I drank lots of  'lemon tea' today every time I was hungry and it was amazing how well it worked. Like, I was thinking, I'll probably continue that habit after this is all over because I found I do so enjoy a piping hot cuppa water with lemon. The things you learn between potty breaks.
  • Magnesium works for detox headaches! Yea!


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