Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Juice Fast Day 2: Miracles abound

Weigh in:

Missy: 142!! I forgot to weigh this morning but I weighed at about 2pm and I had lost two pounds! WHOO HOOO!

What'd you say? You call that water weight? Well I call you JEALOUS.  
Walker: He was at work all day and forgot to weigh

This morning we both woke up very well rested but a little grouchy. Or maybe we're just always grouchy in the morning. Anyway we both slept great.

The coffee pot was calling my name but I rebuked it in the name of all things raw and holy and got to work on breakfast. I just threw some things in, no recipe. A whole cantaloupe, some oranges, some kiwi, and the magical ginger. It was delicious.

Walker left to work and I took the kids to school and then Miracle Number One happened: my mom walked in the door.

Maybe it wasn't a true verified miracle. Evidently she had left me two voice mails and sent me an email saying she was coming and I never listen tsk tsk whatever, she appeared in my kitchen in all her GG glory and I was thankful and amazed.

I had a banana for a mid morning snack. Don't judge. Bananas don't go in the juicer.

I also had one tablespoon of flax seed oil, which was really nasty.

For lunch I made Kickin Salsa Verde with kale, spinach, jalapeno, red pepper, cilantro, and tons of tomatoes and I LOVED it. Tasted like just salsa. It was so yummy. Then Amanda asked if I could find one that tasted just like queso instead and she almost caused me to stumble. 

Walker was at work and had nothing for lunch. Which I completely scolded him about. I bet he didn't drink any water either.

After lunch my mom went and got Ike and I took a nap. Because I still feel like a slug. I have a lot of energy motivation.

Could one of y'all please come put away some laundry? Kthanks.

Around 5pm, the headache started to come up again. But then I remembered that I had read on some blog that magnesium can make headaches go away - I took some and within one Judge Judy case that headache was gone!! Yea!! Miracle Number 2!

Dinner: more Kickin Salsa Verde. I made it with a jalapeno for Walker and he was just like, meh. Ingrate. I loved it. My mom bought HEB pasta salad for the kids and THAT was BRUTAL. I just had to back away.

After dinner we watched Downton Abbey and then Walker went straight to bed and here I am sharing my life with you.

Did I mention I lost two pounds??

What I Learned:
  • Miracle Number Three: My friend Chara told me that if I had a cup of hot water with lemon before I drank the juice, it would help with the hunger and the side effects - and she was totally right. I drank lots of  'lemon tea' today every time I was hungry and it was amazing how well it worked. Like, I was thinking, I'll probably continue that habit after this is all over because I found I do so enjoy a piping hot cuppa water with lemon. The things you learn between potty breaks.
  • Magnesium works for detox headaches! Yea!


  1. My 5 year old chews her finger nails and toe nails. too. It's the oddest thing. I think, in all of her 5 years, that I have maybe clipped her nails like twice. When my younger daughter came along I was like all "wow, your nails keep growing all the time". Anyway, that is relevant because...? Also, Your post made me feel starving just by reading it. Best of Luck :)

  2. Love what you said about your coffee temptation: "I rebuked it in the name of all things raw and holy ." You go girl!

    Don't read my blog today. Photos of food you can chew isn't good for the juice faster in you!


  3. So, what's the nail biting secret? I'm a biter and so is our oldest. It's terrible.

    Dish, Missy.

  4. Thum! you buy it at Walgreens!

    It will only work if they don't like the flavor. Maggie hated it. Eva Rose loved it. Go figure.

  5. I Heart magnesium! Ever since your First post about it, I added it to the multivitamin and SAME regimen. The other day after reading this post I got a headache so I took the magnesium right away and voila headache gone. Thanks for the tip.



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