Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Juice Fast Day 3 - Juicy McCrankypants

The day started off with some fabulous news:

The weigh in:

Missy: 140. YES. I've lost four pounds in three days. YES to the YES.
Walker: 226.5 - three pounds down.

Question of the day: Aren't you hungry?

Amazingly, no. After I juice I feel fine until the next meal. If I start to get a little hungry I drink some tea or water and it goes away. I definitely don't wake up hungry.

Here's breakfast: grapefruit, cantaloupe, kiwi, pineapple, mint. And green tea.

It was delicious.

Then I went to the dentist and found out that my teeth are a big ole mess. A big ole expensive mess. I never got a cavity until college, and now they are just about to rot out of my mouth. It's very discouraging. And it's very, very expensive. I blame the kids. I think they sucked all the vitamin D and calcium right out of me.

I got grouchy. So grouchy that I walked around a Stein Mart clearance extravaganza and was not even tempted to buy one outfit or even one turquoise bauble. That's how bad it was.

I came home and made lunch: kale, tomatoes, radishes, jalapeno, cilantro, beet, eggplant, onion. No rubber band. That's not on the fast.

Now, this I loved. This tasted just like a Bloody Mary to me. I closed my eyes and dreamed of the day when it will be.

Here's my dilemma. I put all that stuff in there, and yielded just this amount of juice.

That's just a little over two cups, or one serving. Doesn't that seem low to you? That's why I said I am worried about the yield. But I dunno.

The juicer also got a little cranky (I guess I'm contagious) and I had to unjam it a couple of times. I hope this is not a trend.

Kids came home, blah blah blah, made them dinner, and then this for us: onions, yellow pepper, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeno, pineapple, lemon. 

It was HOT. I liked it.

Then I made another one for my beloved husband.

Who immediately afterwards might or might not have complained about liking the juice and I might or might not have told him that juicing was a lot of work and if he didn't like the juice I made him he was very welcome to make his own freaking juice and clean the freaking juicer after he was done. He might or might not have spent the next five minutes apologizing.

I read that juicing can make you cranky. I think they meant it.

Then the kids and I watched The Long Walk Home (love me some Sissy Spacek) for their civil rights (late) MLK Day lesson. Which totally ticked them off. Which totally made me proud.

And now I am going to top it off by watching some children who did not make their mommas proud in their American Idol auditions.

Good night.


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