Friday, January 20, 2012

Juice Fast Day 5 - A wee reward for all my sufferings

I really should not have gone to Costco.

But the juice I made Walker for lunch, I actually had to apologize for. We were way low on our fruits and veggies and he got the bottom of the barrel so to speak. Not too tasty.

What is the deal with Costco samples on a Friday?? I am not exaggerating, there must have been 15 samples. I did try the broccoli salad and the Fage. I refrained from the taquito and the empanada and the tortilla soup and the Chinese chicken and the pestosomekindabread and the frozen PB sandwich things and the tortellini and the pigs in a blanket.

And I was okay with passing on all those. I actually was not even tempted by them. They're all tasty but processed blech and my tummy just said, um, no thanks.

I was beginning to think my tummy had indeed gotten a little bit elitist. 

And then, there, at the end of of the crackers and pickles aisle...a sweet old lady in a hairnet...graciously offering a big, hot, perfectly greasy bite of sausage enthroned on a magnificent mound of potato salad in a dainty little pill cup accessorized with a spork...

I gazed at it....I fed four pill cups of glory to my four beloved children...then took a cocktail napkin from the sweet lady and with it wiped a little tear...that began to trickle...ever so silently...down my flushed cheek...

That be the almighty power of sausage.

THEREFORE, tonight, to mark the midpoint of our juice fast and to celebrate the fact that -

Weigh in:

Walker: 236 (because he is not following directions.)

Missy: 138.2


I'm going to "cheat" with this:

Baby's ready for some solids!!

It only has lemon juice, salt and pepper for dressing, and that's okay. And I am eating all the fiber which you're not supposed to do on the juice fast, and that's okay. And maybe I'll curse myself on the scale in the morning after I chew that's okay.


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