Friday, January 6, 2012

Missy's Newest Totally Awesome Two Minute Tip: The Chuck Norris of supplements

So y'all know I had surgery. And I've been feeling, well, like I had surgery, which I now know is a very crappy feeling, and will therefore have much sympathy from here on for anyone who has any kind of surgery and try my hardest to bring them a meal. Because having surgery stinks.

The surgery stitched back together my abs - you know, the abs that split right back open after the last surgery when the anesthesia wore off and the devil entered into me just long enough for me to projectile puke all over my poor momma - and the incision is significantly smaller this time so my tummy actually feels pretty okay.

The problem is that when I do walk, I do this half hunched over action 

which causes all the muscles in my back to cuss me out so that by the time I finish a shower I'm moaning for my new bestie, Vicodin. (I call her Vicky. Cause we're real close.)

For the past few years I've felt like my body (...mind...spirit...) has just fallen apart in every which way and I am constantly searching for The Cure. I've shared some of my findings with y'all, like CoQ10, Vitamin D, fish oil, and Sam-E. And I've gotten lots of emails from y'all saying that what I've told you to try, lo and behold, WORKED.

So y'all ready for the next piece of advice from Dr. Missy?

Really? Ya ready?

Magnificent Magnesium.

Okay remember back when we were talking Vitamin D and I told you that it had just about cured the chronic fatigue syndrome? Once I added a little magnesium to the mix, it upped the ante. I still have bad days here and there but I consider the chronic fatigue I've been dealing with daily for yeeeeeears to be gone.

Hal. Le. Lu. Jah.

Cause my kids were just never very compatible to the fatigue thang.

And like all supplements, it works fast.

Turns out magnesium is another one of those minerals that, like D, just about everybody on the dang planet is deficient in. It's especially supposed to help people with lupus, eg, my daughter, and ADHD, eg, the route my son was on.

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency that I've been so blessed to personally experience include: fatigue, neck pain, back pain, TMJ, muscle cramps, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, bad PMS, headaches, irritability, depression, fibromyalgia (Didn't I tell y'all I was a mess?)

Other symptoms include: difficulty swallowing, anxiety (Walker and I argue about whether or not I have anxiety and it FREAKS ME OUT WHEN HE SAYS THAT I'M ANXIOUS!!!), constipation, heart palpitations, tightness in the chest (feeling like you can't take a deep breath - which is a sign of extreme stress for me), high blood pressure, tummy issues, and osteoporosis.

It reduces heart disease, diabetes, eclampsia, and premature births in pregnant women.

It's even supposed to help with tinnitus, which is why I have prescribed it for my mom.

Oh magnesium, is there anything it can't do??? 

Since I began taking it, in addition to my fatigue going away, my fibromyalgia pain is much, much less. Which makes me a happy girl. Who whines considerably less. Which leads to a happier husband.

The best way to get magnesium is naturally, from food like green leafy veggies, nuts and beans, and avoid processed foods, which are homemade in Satan's kitchen in case you didn't know.

But if you are among the 90% of Americans who don't get enough magnesium from your diet, pop some pills girl.

If you go to buy a supplement, you'll see there are tons of different kinds of magnesium. And everyone is arguing over which kind is better absorbed by the body (read more here). Personally, I have several different kinds and I alternate depending on my mood. Magnesium malate is the one I take the most, and I drink something called Natural Calm (could we not all use a swig of that?) Chelated magnesium is supposed to be the best but I haven't gotten any yet.

Because it can be difficult to get past your digestive track, a really great way is to get it absorbed through your skin. So this is Missy's Awesome Tip for the day:


Between the lupus and the badly behaving boy one thing that I kept seeing pop up over and over when I'd research treatments was Epsom salt baths. So what is that?

Well, if you ask your grandma, she will be able to tell you. All of our grandmas knew about soaking in Epsom salts. And of course, Memaw was right.

Epsom salt is "hydrated magnesium sulfate". It looks like bath crystals and you can buy it at the drugstore. Then grab a magazine, tell the kids not to knock unless there's blood, lock the door, pour two cups in your bath, make sure it dissolves, and soak for at least 15 minutes.

And the best part? The big bag I bought at HEB cost me a whopping $4.

This website says, "When magnesium sulfate is absorbed through the skin, such as in a bath, it draws toxins from the body, sedates the nervous system, reduces swelling, relaxes muscles, is a natural emollient, exfoliator, and much more."

Holy cow, worth a try, right?

So I did it last night, and when I got out - y'all - I STOOD UP STRAIGHT.  I went from this:

 to this!

Really, I felt like I had not just had surgery. I felt so good and, well, detoxed. My muscles were relaxed and I was calm. It was fantastic and frankly, a little freaky.

When Ike got into the yellow dye and went crazy, several other Feingold moms told me to detox him with an Epsom salt bath.

I plan to regularly dunk myself and all four of my children. Like a flea dip.

Convinced yet?

Here's more info:

Nutritional Magnesium
Epsom Salt Council
Benefits of Magnesium


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