Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Questions about the Feingold Diet?

I've moved Ike's Food Diary to a new blog with a new name: Coal Mine Canaries. Please click here to see how that name came to be.

Since we began the Feingold Diet, Ike's behavior is so, so different from what it was this time last month. I still have a nervous feeling in my stomach every time I go to pick him up from preschool, afraid that the teacher is going to give me 'the look' and explain how he clobbered another kid or refused to obey her.

But every day I get two little words that make my heart sing: "Good day!"

At home, he is sweeter and more patient. His relationship with his siblings has improved so much, especially with Shepherd. Before he was the bratty baby brother. The other day, Shep said, "Mom! Ike is so funny now! And cute! And fun! I love having a brother!"

Perhaps my favorite part is how well his language has improved. He can express himself so much more than he could. His expressive language is almost normal. The worst part about having a child with a speech delay (I've had two) is that it stunts your relationship. Maybe that is the greatest blessing from Feingold - Ike can talk now, and Shep is right, he is funny!

I've had several emails from friends who are considering doing Feingold. They have lots of questions like, How hard is it? Are you doing the whole family or just one kid? Is it costing you a fortune?

So, I'm wondering if y'all have questions too?

If you do, please leave them in the comments and I will do a Q&A soon.

Granted, I've only got one month's experience, so I'm no expert, that never stopped me from running my mouth before so why start now?


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