Monday, February 13, 2012

Don't be hatin because I'm so dang domestic

You know those days when you just spin your wheels and get nothing done?

Today ain't one of 'em.

Thusly farly, I have:

  • been to the grocery store to buy very very expensive organic candy for which to trade with my children when they bring home from school their heavily red #40 junk tomorrow. (Still don't believe me that red dye makes kids crazy? Just watch your sweetie pies tomorrow. I bet it's Tantrums Across America by bedtime.)
  • installed a new toilet handle and chain thingy
  • fixed a doorknob
  • cut approximately 220 pages of construction paper down to size for the ridiculously time consuming books that all the room moms are making for kids to paste their Valentines in and then enjoy for 3 to 10 days before they are tossed in the trash
  • run to Home Depot
  • built a fire (by 'built' I mean turned the gas key and lit the Bic thing. Wore me plum out.)
  • made my own homemade laundry detergent
  • put a big pot of beans on the stove

I am so Proverbs 31/Laura Ingalls I can barely stand my own self. 

But wait, there's more - I am also honored to be guest posting on the Christian Alliance for Orphans blog. And Kelly is looking for more posts about orphans - please see the details here.  

I'm off to butcher a pig now so I can make my own soap from the lard. 

Or not. Whatever.


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