Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Passive agressive link love

I am internet fasting tomorrow because I really need to focus on my kids. I've been ignoring them shooting up online real estate retreating into the computer too much the past couple of days.

So in a passive aggressive sort of way, I leave YOU with some links so that you can ignore your children now. Then we'll be equally bad mothers. Muhahahahaha.

Link love:

Should Christians boycott Starbucks?
Oh, how I wish Dr. Moore were the Conservative Christian Poster Boy instead of...some others.

Oldest Living Couple on Earth Gives Great Relationship Advice
"Remember marriage is not a contest – never keep a score. God has put the two of you together on the same team to win." That needs to go on a tshirt.

I remember holding brand new Shepherd in my arms and telling my mother-in-law Penny, "I know now that you must love Walker more than I do. Because NO WOMAN will EVER be CAPABLE of loving Shepherd more than this!!"
Now we know what these people are pinning.

Some Subtle Effects of the Birth Control Culture
Oldie, but such a goodie. Makes ya think. 

7 Lessons From The Community of Disability
"But we are not comforted to become comfortable; we are comforted to become comforters."
Beautiful truth.

In which I write a letter to Womens' Ministry
Preeeeeeeach, Sister Sarah.

Your Recipe: 

Simple Time Pork Chops
Made these and they were surprisingly yummy. Of course I like quadruple all seasonings. Here in Texas.

Your YouTube:

Can there be a more disgusting organization than Planned Parenthood? Methinks not. Gee, I wish we would give them more government money! 
This one is rated R. Have your barf bag ready.

Now I will give you a happy YouTube that celebrates children to replace the bile in your mouth:

Your NetFlix:

It's just wrong to have a lover and know nothing about him. Educate yourself here:
Target, Inside the Bullseye

Now I'm off to stay up till 2am again reading The Hunger Games. Good night!


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