Monday, March 5, 2012

Trifecta of Glory Party Plans Revealed!! Welcome SixtyFeet!!

Okay, y'all ready for the details for the Trifecta of Glory Party?!?!

When I was at the Created for Care conference in Atlanta, I came across these ladies. I LOVED this idea, because it was something my kids could get involved in and would be excited to be involved in. So as I stood before the SixtyFeet table, buying my girls pink cupcake tshirts, my mind got to churning, thinking about my amazing readers (YOU) and about how this little blog could get involved...

Read this guest post from Shelly and I'll meet back up with you at the bottom:

Hi everyone! We're Team Owens - Dan, Shelly, Madeline, Davis, Hannah, Joseph and Charlotte. In the blog world, some know us as the "Crazy Crew." And it's true - we tend to march to the beat of a different drummer!

We're a homeschooling, multi-racial family of seven. We love our God, we're passionate about orphan causes, and we're committed to our ministry in Eastern Africa, called SixtyFeet. But life wasn't always this way. Five years ago, we were an average American family - just a Daddy, a Mommy, a little girl and a baby boy.

Then in February of 2010, God set our lives on a different course. It was in that month that Dan and I learned about a facility in Uganda, called "M."

M is a prison for children. A "remand home."

And M is not unique. Eight different remand facilities are spread over the country of Uganda. And more exist in different countries throughout Africa.

SixtyFeet was started by several Atlanta families with a desire to come alongside the Ugandan government to support these children. Simply put, our mission is to bring hope and restoration to the imprisoned children of Africa, in Jesus' name.

And by God's grace, we've been able to do just that. Our staff provides ongoing relief and meet the immediate needs inside the facilities. We've also been given permission to remove and resettle a number of the children from the facilities and have started a sponsorship program which provides for their ongoing school fees, housing, food and medical care.

Shortly after forming SixtyFeet, my six year old daughter and four year son approached me with a question... "Mommy, what about us? Can we do something to help the children in Uganda?" I smiled and patted them on their little heads and I so appreciated their hearts and interest.

Such sweet, innocent, idealistic children. They have no idea how big and serious this situation is. This is a matter for adults. And for God. But not for children.

But my conscious got the best of me and I decided to let them try anyway. They wanted to sell cupcakes and lemonade on a street corner one Saturday afternoon. Like any good mommy, I gave them my blessing and even agreed to match everything they earned. Thinking, of course, that they'd earn $10 or $15.

That day they earned $260 for the children of Uganda.

After that, word spread quickly. Inquiries poured in from friends, relatives and strangers who wanted to host their own Cupcake Kids stands in their neighborhoods. We agreed to do a second sale and this time, with multiple locations.

That day they earned $10,000 for the children of Uganda. And "The Cupcake Kids" were born.

It took us a while, but the adults finally caught the vision for what God was doing through our children. We were stunned. Blessed. And very humbled. "And a little child will lead them ..." Isaiah 11:6.

Since that time, The Cupcake Kids have made many special appearances. Last year, they sold cupcakes and lemonade all over the continental United States and Alaska, as well as Canada, Indonesia, Singapore and Africa. 100% of the proceeds went directly to SixtyFeet and immediately went to work in Uganda.

The Cupcake Kids are little people with big hearts for God and the imprisoned children of Africa. Today, they are the fundraising arm of SixtyFeet.

If you have some little people with big hearts for God, we hope you'll join us for this year's {Inter}National Cupcake Kids Sale on May 5, 2012. It's a "sweet" way to get the whole family involved in orphan ministry.

You can register for a sale here. It's quick, easy... and delicious.

For more information about SixtyFeet click here, and to read Shelly's blog, click here.



One of the things about orphan care, kids get it. Even the littlest child knows that kids need mommies and daddies. Explain to any child what an orphan is, and the child will ask very shortly how he can help. THIS is the way for the littles to help.

THIS teaches them that helping others? It's just what we do.

K so here's what I want us to do. Get your brains working tonight and tomorrow. Think about the hows and the whos and the wheres. Let your imagination run wild. Know someone who can bake? Or someone who owns a bakery or cupcake shop who could get on board? Can you do it at church? School? Can your kid's whole class get involved? Scouts? The world is your cupcake wrapper, girlfriend.

The official day for the Cupcake Party is May 5, but if that doesn't fit your schedule, you do your own thing when you need to!

After you have registered here, you need to email me at itsalmostnaptime@gmail dot com and tell me you did. Then I am going to have a running blogroll on my sidebar of who is registered. And you can go here for the code for the cute little button to put in your blog's sidebar.

Cupcake Kids is trying to get a sale in every state. You think you can get your state on the map?? (We can't let Tennessee win this y'all. Tennessee ALWAYS kicks cellulite in orphan care. It's like state mandated. I'm so over it. BEAT TENNESSEE! BEAT TENNESSEE!)

Got questions? Leave a comment, Shelly's got answers.

Are you excited???? I'm so excited!!



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