Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Kid Rocks Monday

Kid of the Week:

The short one.

This is the kid who, you may recall, was, ahem, 'asked to reconsider' two different preschools until we discovered that food dyes among other things make him act like demon spawn. Who is now a completely different child as long as he does not get a hold of food with nasty chemicals made from petroleum sludge.

But that's not why I'm proud of him.

I'm proud because after he was treated to some red Valentine's candy in Sunday School, and shortly thereafter started throwing tantrums and getting in all kind of trouble, when I said to him, "Ike? Do you know why you are so mad and sad? It's because the red candy was Crazy Food. And when you eat Crazy Food, you get mad and sad."

And praise the Lord and Maker of All Real Food, he got it. 

And now, every time he eats a new food or drink - every time - he turns to me and says, "Mom, dis food bad for me?" and if I say yes, he puts it down and walks away.

Even if it's candy.

Which is a pretty big thing for a little four year old to do, amen?

Katie Lee Photography

Ike, you rock.

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