Monday, April 16, 2012

My Kid Rocks Monday

Maggie's cute, right?

I mean, oh my skull, she's so cute, she just couldn't get any cuter, unless - unless she lost her two front teeth.

They both started wiggling a couple of months ago. Opposed to her sister, who begs the Official Tooth Puller also known as Daddy to yank on her dentistry the minute she feels the slightest loosening, Maggie is very skittish and scared about having her teeth pulled. "My toof huts!" she cries.

The right toof got very wiggly - she still didn't want Daddy to pull it. It was barely hanging there, lower than all the others, and it bled everywhere every time she ate. Both Daddy and I were begging her to let us have a yank but as soon as we applied any pressure, she'd jump away. "Stop!! It huts!!!"

Finally, last night, she summoned up her courage, Daddy got the washcloth at the ready, and out it came!

The Tooth Fairy brought her a pink unicorn instead of a dollar.

And then Maggie got even cuter.

And I'm wiggling that other one anytime she gets near me. 

How cute are your kids?


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