Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stuff moms google

Since becoming a mother, I have often consulted my muse and mentor Dr. Google in Tarzan speak, seeking answers to life's burning questions like,  "baby eat poop poisonous?"  or "toddler eat elephant ear plant poisonous?"

Behind researching the toxicity of various non-edibles my children have ingested, Dr. G has stepped up most often regarding stain removal, from tomatoes (sunlight) to lipstick (Dawn) to banana (give it up.)

The Google du jour:  "silly putty stain clothes."

Of course it's a Polo shirt. Because we never chew holes/Sharpie/sleep on top of Silly Putty in a cheap Target shirt. Or in jammies, which Ike should have been wearing as he cuddled the Silly Putty all night. But instead, my husband put him to be wearing a Polo he found hanging in his closet. Why? I don't know.

Maybe I should google "why Tarzan put Boy bed Polo not jammies why why?"

Dr. Google said WD40 and alcohol.
So far, marginal success.
Oh Dr. G, don't fail me now!

What original googles has motherhood inspired you to compose?


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