Monday, May 7, 2012

My Kid Rocks Monday: Everything's bigger in...China

My kids rock because...they crack me up.

Like this:

Eva Rose: does the baby come out of the mommy?
Me: (how much is she ready for? pause) (how much am I ready for? pause) It comes out of the mommy's vagina.
Eva Rose: What's that?
Me: A hole down there.
Eva Rose: A hole down where?
Me: Down here.
Eva Rose: (startled) OOhhh. (how much can my brain handle? pause) How big is the va...gina?
Shep (walking in): It's bigger than Texas.
Me: What??
Shep: Yeah. It's bigger than Texas. China is WAY bigger than Texas.

And this:

Walker: Maggie, are you beautiful?
Maggie: YES!
Walker: how do you know you're beautiful?
Maggie: Because I have long hair, and green eyes, and I don't fart too much.
(but in Maggie speak: Becuz I have wong hai, and gween eyes, an I don faught too much.)

How are your kids funny, or otherwise awesome?

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