Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Little Market Research

Walker was out of town all week. He was out of town last week too. And my mom is spending my inheritance in South Africa where she has been for three weeks.

I've had to raise my children all by myself for days now. Pffft.

But one comes home tonight and one comes home tomorrow and then all will be right with the world. And I might even get a chance to post the GIVEAWAY that I have been procrastinating on for days because as much as I love me a giveaway, my skull, it seems to take me days to actually post one. I don't know why.

Meanwhile, I'm sending Jackie 42 emails and she's sending me 42 emails and we're going give It's Almost Naptime!! (with TWO!! EXCLAMATION!! POINTS!!) a makeover.

I love the owls. And I shall be sticking with an aviary theme because I strongly subscribe to the Put a Bird on It theory. But this here is just too busy for me. I want clean. Simple. Maybe it will rub off on my life??

I also want to change up a lot of other things so I had this brilliant idea to ask YOU, you know, the blog readers, my exclusive clientele, what YOU like in a blog.

Like, how you like sidebars, or the buttons you click across the top. Have you found yourself frustrated by something on this blog that doesn't work for you? Do you want me to add a LOUD music player so you can get busted at work or wake the sleeping baby on your lap? Just kidding, I'm not going to do that. (I actually had a music player on her once a long time ago and several of my friends set me straight.) What else do you NOT like on a blog? What do you love? Should I keep that "What I really want you to know" button? Are there any other posts I should make it easy to link to?

So, give me your opinions, because I know y'all have opinions!


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