Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Some of the 1,000,000 things I've learned about blogging

Sometime in the wee hours of yesterday, this blog crossed the 1,000,000 mark in terms of hits.

Which is just bizarre.

What started out as a little blog about Missy's rambling and her sometimes odd, sometimes hilarious children grew into what I've had many tell me is a ministry.

Which is really bizarre.
And really daunting. 

Since 2007, one million hits ago, I've learned a lot about blogging and I am still learning.

I've learned that the posts that I thought were the best often fall flat. The posts that I thought were the lamest often get "I've got tears from laughing" comments. Which means I've learned that what makes a good blog post usually has no discernible rationale.

But I've learned that confessing my weaknesses as a mother and a Christ follower with a never ending need for grace always makes a good blog post.

I've learned that I am not afraid to talk about what I think is wrong, especially abortion, but I'm much better at dishing it than taking it.

I've learned that surprisingly, I almost never get un-subscribers after a provocative post, but sometimes several following a post I consider benign.

I've learned that sometimes my passion, especially regarding those who misuse Scripture, can come across sounding unloving. 

I've learned that often after I blog something, it leaves my mind forever, and I can read old posts like they were written by someone else.

I've learned that most of my closest friends don't read my blog but many people I never would guess, do.

I've learned not to be freaked out when complete strangers know a whole lot of my business.

I've learned that some of those complete strangers will mail us money when I announce we are adopting a child.

I've learned that complete strangers will send me emails, spilling their hearts, asking me to join in their sufferings with prayer and advice. 

I've learned that people will copy complete blog posts, post it on their own blogs, and not give me credit.

I've learned that a 'Christian' writer will take my copywritten material and use it for a famous Christian band's Christmas concert, and when I request compensation, she will threaten to sue me.

I've learned that a few men are addicted to mom blogs.

I've learned that people who leave ugly comments are cowards, because they do it anonymously.

I've learned not to let one ugly comment negate a hundred encouraging ones.

I've learned that some people who are not strangers will take things I've written and use them against me.

I've learned that strangers will take things I've written and fly me across the country to speak at their church events. 

I've learned that some people think adoption is wrong.

I've learned that most people think adoption is beautiful.

I've learned that some of my best friends are invisible to me.

I've learned that when they become visible, the friendship only deepens. But sometimes they have accents that I never imagined they'd have.

I've learned that some bloggers who are rather serious online are hilarious in real life.

I've learned that the most successful bloggers are often shy introverts who are completely freaked out by their blog success.

I've learned that words have power, great power, and I've learned to be reverent and respectful of that power.

I've learned that the Internet has power, great power, and I've learned to be reverent and respectful of that power.

I've learned that James 3:1 can keep me up at night with worry. 

I've learned to have great respect for those who speak HTML.

I've learned that blog statistics can become an idol. 

I've learned that comparing myself to other bloggers is not only a waste of time, but a sin.

I've learned that facebook can spread a blog post like a virus.

I've learned there are some posts I may never be able to write because even though it might help others, it would hurt my family.

I've learned that my family is always more important than blogging.

I've learned that it's okay if I don't blog for a day, or even a week. I've learned y'all always come back.

Thank you, my friends. You have been great teachers.

Here's, God willing, to a million more.


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