Thursday, June 7, 2012

Where's Missy?

Y'all, I've had the FLU. Yes, the real live, please just shoot me now, flu. In June. When I have WAY TOO MUCH TO DO.

So I'm not dead, I just wished I were for a bit there. Tamiflu is my friend however and I am slowly coming back to life. Poor Maggie was sick with me. We have been one pathetic duo and I would not have been able to survive without my momma, who moved in with us and brought me tea and mashed potatoes and raised my children while I laid in bed and hacked and threw up and watched 52 episodes of Mad Men.

For real. 52 episodes. Addiction.

And now I am weeks behind on, you know, life.
I will blog again soon.

What's been up with you?


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