Monday, August 27, 2012

Cause I'm not that mom


I wish I were one of those moms who post on Facebook "I'm so sad for the summer to end, I just want to spend more time making daisy chains and playing Legos with my darling kiddos!!"

I'm just not that mom. 

It's been a hard summer. It's been a stressful summer. It's been a whiny summer.

Lately it's been an arguing summer. And a "I thought obeying Mom was just an option, like maybe if I got bored or something" summer.

My three and a half extroverted kids (Maggie is on the fence) have been cooped up in the Houston heat/Austin drought just long enough for them to go buggy.

And buggy kids + exhausted mom = less than idyllic scenarios of familial bliss.

Last night we prayed for the first day of school and Shepherd said, "Please help Mom with her an-gust." Yes, Lord. Help me with my angust.  My angust hit a peak yesterday. My angust exploded yesterday.

Which is why today,
after my iPhone chirped at me in the dark (new school starts 45 minutes earlier than the last school - hold me),

after I turned the wrong way getting to our new school,
then fought a literal traffic jam involving 8 SUVs and one school bus and 18 set out trash cans trying to find a parking spot,
when we finally made it to the classrooms,

there were no tears when I dropped off my baby for his first day of kindergarten.

Nor when I left my other baby in first grade.

nor my other baby in second grade

nor my other baby in third grade.

The dad who saw me hold my hands up in the air, shout FREEDOM!! and resist doing cartwheels might have judged me.

Some of you might judge me.

But some of you won an imaginary Olympic gold medal too.

Wanna meet up for lunch??


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