Saturday, August 11, 2012

In which I reveal our new home and interview my own self rather schitzophrenically

Some of y'all guessed it - we're in Austin!

If you are like the majority of people we told we were moving, you just sighed deeply and said, "Aw! I'm so jealous!" In fact it got to be where I was like 'isn't ANYONE sad we are moving?" because the only response I got was deep-sigh-aw-I'm-so-jealous. Even when I called to cancel our utilities, the utility cancel people would deep-sigh-aw-I'm-so-jealous.

After the sighing-jealousing, then they'd ask questions. Like this.

So why are y'all moving? 

Well, because we can. Walker's sales territory includes Austin, so that made it possible to move without finding a new job. We love Houston but we need a big ole house with good schools that doesn't cost a million dollars and that meant the suburbs and we have learned that we hate the suburbs. We're just not suburbia type people. In case you hadn't noticed.

I'd noticed. But aren't you leaving your mom, who is at your house helping you raise your kids, like, all the time?

Yes. But her sister lives in Austin and she already visits a lot and I hope she will just move up there. She already promised me she would move if she got feeble. Now let's please talk about something else before I start crying.

Are you on crack for leaving your mom?

Quite possibly. Moving on.

But haven't you only had to hire a babysitter about three times in the past nine years because your mom...


Okay, okay. Did you sell your house? Haven't you tried to move before?

YES! We have listed our house twice before, for almost a year each time, with dismal results. This time we sold it within a couple of months, to an investor. We lost some money, but probably not much in the long run. The main thing is that it is GONE. It seems like further confirmation that God wanted us to move to Austin.

Don't y'all have a lot of friends in Houston tho?

We do. We have some of the awesomnest, amazingest friends. Problem we hardly ever see 97% of them. Houston is just so stinking big, that it takes a 45 minute drive to see people, when you live in Egypt like we did. (When I told my friend Jenny I was moving to Austin, she said 'now I might actually get to see you.' And they came over for dinner last week. So there ya go.) I've made two dear friends nearby (Beth and Mitzi) but since they aren't in my neighborhood and our kids don't go to the same schools seems like I rarely get to see them anymore either.

You read that right.
We've lived here for ten years.
I've made two dear friends.

Would you care to expound upon the the deeper reasons for moving?

Why sure.

About ten years ago, I was a single girl with a gaggle of the best Christian girlfriends in the world, living in central Houston. Then I got married, got pregnant, and got catapulted to the suburbs where I knew almost no one.

Ever since, I've been desperately searching for community. I am a very extroverted (ENFP) girl who needs friends. Wants friends. I've done everything in my power to create community, and it has only led to more dismal results.

A couple of years ago, via various good, bad, or ugly means, I found myself more isolated than ever before. God took away almost every friend I had either temporarily or permanently. All I had was him.

Since then, he's has clued me in on the reasons, and the lessons he has taught me on friendship have been painful (oh so painful) but oh so wonderful. I could write a book about it. Or you could just come over with a bottle of wine and we could talk and cry until 3am, which would be a lot easier.

This past spring the Lord and I tidied up the loose ends on that there growth opportunity. And then we listed our house and then for the first time it actually sold. BOOM.


So here I am, in this town where I've seen more old friends and met more new friends in the past two weeks than in months in the burbs -- but now I have a much different philosophy on friendship.  These friendships will be different.

We moved from a neighborhood where going into town meant two hours of drive time - to one where are are downtown in 13 minutes (high five!)

We moved from a neighborhood where I never felt I fit in - to a neighborhood where I got invited to a Noonday show around the corner within a week, and I was within one degree of separation to every woman there.

We moved from a neighborhood where we never even met half the people on our cul-de-sac - to one where tons of kids live within walking distance, two little boys Shep and Ike's age live right next door, and we've got playdates lined up.

We moved from a church where for years I've begged and pleaded in vain to start an orphan care ministry - to a city where there are so many solid, amazing churches with intensive mission programs that we're having a heck of a time choosing one.

We moved from a city with little to no Ethiopian adoption community - to one where white mommies with brown babies are everywhere.

The motto of Austin is "Keep Austin Weird."

The motto of our family is "Dollahons are Weird."

For once, I don't feel like as much of a weirdo.

And y'all, it feels good.

Shep on his first day of VBS in Austin. Doing his part to keep it weird.


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