Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mom fail

Shepherd turned 9 yes 9 on Sunday. He's recently become bow and arrow obsessed, so after reading lots of reviews, I found one that was cool but not likely to take an eye out on

I couldn't order it right away, however, because we were about to go to Houston for a few days and I didn't want it to be delivered while we were away. So I waited until Monday, to give it just enough time to arrive FREE super saver shipping by Saturday. 

I went ahead and ordered Eva Rose's presents too for her birthday next week. Then, proud of my awesome birthday present ordering mom skillz, I waited for them to magically appear on my front porch.

And waited.
And waited.

Friday afternoon, I looked online and UPS said that the bow and arrow had been delivered.
I kept waiting.

About midnight, I realized that all of my kids' birthday presents were sitting on the porch of our old house in Houston.

And y'all, I screamed. I did. The tension of the househunting and houseselling and the packing and the unpacking and the setting up utilities and the having to get a mailbox key made and the mailing back the DVR and the old modem and the new internet not working and the not being able to find where I packed the tampons or soap or toothpaste and the getting lost every time I drive somewhere and the not being able to find a gas station and the transferring the prescriptions and the finding new doctors and the kids feeling lonely and the mailing all my kids' birthday presents to our old house hit it's peak and I completely lost it and had a super duper crying screaming cussing temper tantrum hissy fit.

It wasn't pretty.

"It'll be okay," my husband told me. "Do you want me to drive to Houston right now and get them?"


"You can go shopping tomorrow," he said, wiping snot off his arm.


"No, you're not, you're just stressed out," my husband answered, pulling me up from my fetal position. "Come to bed."

I went to bed. 

The next morning I decided to see if UPS would do anything about the package they left at a vacant house with a For Sale sign in front, or if they could at least divert the undelivered Eva Rose presents. Their website assured me I could. Thirty minutes later, I still couldn't. I called. Thirty minutes, two customer service reps and a very patronizing tech support guy later, they told me they couldn't do a thing to help me, but maybe Amazon could. Thanks a lot, UPS. 

I called Amazon to see if possibly they could change the delivery address. Kylee answered my call. I explained the whole sordid affair, making it clear that this was not their problem but a complete and utter Mom Fail. Kylee put me on hold while she called UPS to see if they would divert the undelivered packages.

They wouldn't help Amazon, probably their largest customer.
Way to go, UPS.

So then Kylee said, "Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to request a refund for all of the orders. That will go back on your credit card. Then I'm going to re-order all of the items, and have them shipped to you one day delivery so that they will get there as quickly as possible, with no shipping charge. I'm sorry they won't be there in time for his birthday, but they'll get there very soon. I'm a mom too, I've had my share of mom fails! Will this help make it better?"

In an age where good customer service seems so hard to come by, in a month that has been so stressful, for a day that was very important to my family, yes, Kylee, yes Amazon, that made it better.


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