Wednesday, August 8, 2012

So long, house

It's been a very busy summer.

Not only was I busy hauling four kids to VBS/swim lessons/playdates/haircuts/music, but I worked in some trips to Home Depot then Lowes and Home Depot and Lowes and Home Depot. And Lowes.

And I sorted through every closet/drawer/cabinet/nook/cranny and donated three truck loads - for real, y'all, THREE FILLED TO ALMOST OVERFLOWING ALONG THE STREET PICKUP/SUV LOADS of unwanted STUFF to friends adopting and raising money via garage sales.

Then assembled, taped and filled about eleventy hundred boxes of all the stuff that we couldn't live without.

I sold some stuff on Craig's List. I tossed a lot of stuff in the trash.

Then I packed off my kids to their grandma's, and strange men came into my house and picked up every worldly possession we own and dollyed it out to their very big truck and drove away with it.

But before they did, ignoring the eye rolling and deep sighing of my unsentimental Navy brat husband, I sniffed and sobstifled and said goodbye to the home where I spent nine years raising four little humans.

Goodbye, kitchen where I prepared approximately 10,950 meals

all of the ugly pictures were taken on my iPhone

Goodbye, room where I spent hours holding/scolding/loving/nursing/snuggling/reading to my babies

All of the beautiful pictures were taken by my sweet friend Somer Padilla
all of the ugly pictures were taken by my sweet iPhone

Goodbye, room where I washed 5 jillion loads of laundry 

and never cleaned under the washer

Goodbye, room where I gladly exchanged M&Ms and matchbox cars for pees and poops

Goodbye, playroom where my babes spent hours imagining, creating, and fighting over approximately 643,567 toys

Goodbye, It's Almost Naptime HQ

Goodbye, fireplace Santa came down nine times

Goodbye, site of so many birthday/baptism/dinner parties

Goodbye, room where da magic happened

Goodbye stairs where eight little feet scurried down every morning

windows by which I rocked my first sweet baby, entranced by his beautiful face, overwhelmed with fear and love, begging Jesus to make him sleep

Goodbye, what was once the most beautiful nursery...with a white picket fence, roses on the windows, netting draped over her pretty white crib...

Goodbye pretty tree I painted to guard my daughters while they slept

Goodbye, pretty house. You witnessed many blessings in the time we lived here. I pray that the next family loves you well. 

But the Dollahons are
what's your guess??


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