Saturday, September 1, 2012

Labor Day Link Love

Around the interweb:

Some thoughts on how to talk to little girls

Wives? Go read this. Now.

Moms? Go read this. Now. 

Then read this: Dear Mothers

Pop it! When you realize you're living in a bubble 

What Grace really wants to ask the Church

What facts about Americans did foreigners not know till they came here?  You have to read the comments for jewels like "You can drink the water from the tap" "Love for marathons" "You haven't spoken to your family in more than a month?" "Food made just for dogs"

Go all crazy and teach children the Bible is not about them (I love Sally. She's as wonderful and sweet in real life as you would expect her to be. With a British accent. Amen.)

Colleen is so stinkin Proverbs 31 she made her own butter. Well, her kids did anyway. Then she made some deodorant. (I love Colleen too. She's very lovely. With a Southern accent. Amen.)

Walker and I loved this 60 Minutes (tick tick tick tick) on Van Gogh's tragic life and how two researchers believe he really died. Pretty fascinating, and so, so sad. After you watch it, go listen to this and try not to cry

But that wasn't your YouTube. 
It's this one

Once upon a time, children's programming was not a 24 hour thing, and sometimes after Sesame Street went off we'd find ourselves watching Bob Ross. 

God bless the 70s.
God bless his fro. 

Book: okay, all right already, I'm finally breaking down and reading 7. Been avoiding that book like the dang plague.

Netflix: Arrested Development, where have you been all my life?? Walker and I look forward to 22 minutes of trying not to wake the kids up with laughing almost every night. On top of that, Netflix recently added a ton of TED talks. So many TED talks, so little time...

Podcast: I've told y'all how much I love Snap Judgment. I packed an entire house in Houston, drove to Austin, and unpacked another house listening to this podcast. The love runs even deeper. My latest favorite was #315 - Coming to America (Jenny - been meaning to tell you to listen to Texas vs. Texas, you will love)

Have a labor free Labor Day! Awesome giveaway coming next week!


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