Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New do

When you have a blog, and you look at it every day, it's sort of like looking at your furniture every single day in the same place and not getting to shoosh it all around and sometimes pretend you're on HGTV and do a camera test explaining why you put what where.

Not that I've ever done that. I've just heard about people who do. Weird, weird people.

Anyway, for the attention span impaired, looking at the same blog makes us eventually get pouty and roll our eyes and say things like "I'm so sick of that tree and those colors...what was I thinking?"

Not that I've ever done that. I've just heard about people who do. Whiny, whiny people.

Either way, it's good to get a new look sometime and that's when my girl Jackie who always sets me up and who patiently answers all my questions three times each comes in.  She redid my blog and I LOVE it.

It still needs some tweaking (none of the pages are updated yet) and I am headed to Houston tomorrow to get my smock on at our seventh Smockaholics Anonymous so it probably ain't gonna happen this week. 

So if you are reading this on a reader or via email, I'm requesting the honor of your presence on my real live site so that you can see how cute my new bloggy do is.

Now for you RSS addicts you may have forgotten what to do so just click on the title bar up there that says "New do" and it should pop you right on over here. We'll wait.

Ya back?

Whatcha think?? Does the little Bethie owl make you want to cry? Yeah me too.

Okay, now that I enticed you to come over, I want to make this

 Missy's National Delurking Day. 

Because I know y'all are out there, silently, silently avoiding interacting with me.

You should know that I am the type of girl that, if you really want to torture me, yelling in my face is not the key. No. Ignore me. I can't stand the silent treatment. I am a hard core ENFP so not talking to me is cruel and unusual punishment.

(Unless I'm PMSing and then I turn into an INTJ and believe me, I do not wear it well.)

Could y'all do me a kindness and drop me a comment? I'm enabling anonymous comments to make it as easy as possible.

Smockaholics is fun but it's exhausting and it will be so much fun to come home and read your comments at night!

Tell me about yourself, where you're from, how long you've been hanging out here at Naptime. I'm dying to hear from you!



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