Friday, October 5, 2012

31 Days for Dummies - Day 5

Shep on his perch, where he's been for the past three days. 

While he's missing school, he's completing a Historical Survey of the 1960s, also called The Wonder Years. 

Last summer when I had the flu I took a different version of that same class called Mad Men. After watching six seasons in five days I got very twitchy from the Roger withdrawals when it was done (I'm a Roger girl. Don is too quiet for me. ENFP remember?)

He's currently yelling at Arnold to "Just pop the stupid zit!"

We'd like to thank you, Netflix, for making all kinds of viruses (virusi?) more bearable. 
Even a little enjoyable. 

I just noticed Shep took off his glasses for this photo op. Good to know that all the vanity was not hoarded by his sisters.

He's also smiling, because as soon as the Advil kicks in, he feels fine. And as soon as the Advil wears off, he spikes up to 102 again. 

And I really do need to move those other two baby collages over to that wall, like my mom said I should. 

But first I should hang up the picture y'all lovingly pointed out to me in yesterday's post, which confused me because it's been sitting there so long I FORGOT IT WAS THERE.

Here is my mantle. I tried to get all Pinterest-y

I don't think it looks very Pinteresty. I think it looks like someone was trying very hard to look Pinteresty. Which indeed she was. In vain.

I dare y'all to pin it, just to prove some deep Pinterest point. That would be funny. You could say "Pathetic attempt at being Pinteresty" and I'll comment on it "Oh bless."

Okay now I'm off to do MORE paperwork because the stack of paperwork it requires to spring a kid from an orphanage surely weighs more than said kid. 


  1. And of course, from this post, I immediately researched the correct pluralization of "virus" which in English is accepted as "viruses" but in correct Latin would be "viri."

    My work today is complete. Oh, and we are praying prayers of thanksgiving for Beth!

  2. So so true about the paperwork! We waited so long for our adopted little one I could've given birth to two! If only it was physically possible!! I joked about it being like the gestation of an elephant. She was so so worth it!

  3. Impressed that you have your Halloween decorations up already. I'm fearful that if I put them up, they won't come down until Easter. A well-founded fear. I work most days from an office near our house. We had a Christmas party here in December. The decorations are still up. My husband suggested taking them down last weekend. At this point, why bother..... Hope Shep feels better soon. Good luck with all that paperwork. I can't wait for the big reveal when I can see all of her face. At one time.

    1. Here's my secret: tell your husband to start saying CAN WE PUT UP HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS MOMMY? PLEASE MOMMY? CAN WE PUT UP HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS MOMMY? PLEASE MOMMY? 32 times a day and you will soon be motivated.

  4. You're not even half way there yet! I remembered when we traveled to pick up our one son in Vietnam - We had to take all originals of paperwork, and at least two copies of everything. Plus some other paperwork, and those copies. My carry-on barely made it under the weight requirements!

  5. A Roger-girl? Really? Hmm. Interesting. He does usually get the best lines. (We just finished Season Four - we are renting from the library, and therefore, we must wait for 124 people ahead of us each season.)

    1. Oh gosh. You should just do that 1 month free trial from Netflix and knock that baby out.

  6. ok, so all you need to do is get rid of the boa on the mirror and your mantle will be totally pinteresty. i was going to say 'totes' pinteresty. you know short for totally, you know, so i could sound cool, but 'totes' have no idea how to spell it.

    1. was that mean to say? i don't like boas in general so i'm biased, but that doesn't mean you can't like boas. and i don't even decorate for halloween. or fall. basically just christmas. very unpinteresty of me.

  7. "You ever get three sheets to the wind and try that thing on?" -Roger (my favorite quote of his ;)



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