Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Days for Dummies




I know y'all want part 2 of the referral post, I'll get that to you soon, I promise. But Walker has been out of town for a week which means I stay up too late which means my house falls apart and now I have a kid with 102 fever who keeps threatening to throw up and my friend Jenny is in town and just asked me if I wanted to meet for lunch. So just gimme just a minute.

(I realized those last two statements might sound incongruous. Walker works from home. So Missy can go to lunch.)

Till then, y'all may have noticed that the blogosphere is all caught up in this 31 Days thing. I asked on my facebook wall if I should participate and if so, on what topic? None of the suggestions seemed doable to me. Then my friend Beth told me, "You don't blog about the same stuff every day, that's why I like your blog" and I was like, okay, there ya go. Plus, I'm for real just too ADD to blog about the same thing for a whole month.

I should probably subscribe to 31 Days of Follow Through.

The other 31 days people are like, 31 Days to Fear Free Mothering and  31 Days to Slow Down and Savour and 31 Days or Sacrificial Living and Giving. In other words, they got all deep and stuff.

Y'all. My deep moments come - and then promptly leave. I can't be deep for 31 days straight! Gah!

So I canned the idea.

But this morning, I had an epiphany!

I have taken pix of my kids for the past couple of days because I got out all their Halloween outfits. Yes, I said ALL their Halloween outfits. Because in my house, we dress the part for a month. I just feel like it is the earthly duty of Dollahon children (mostly the girls) to announce every day, "DID YOU REALIZE A HOLIDAY IS UPON US? IF NOT, MY SHIRT/SPARKLY TUTU/DECORATED SOCKS/VARIETY OF HOLIDAY THEMED HAIRBOWS WILL ENSURE THAT YOU DO NOT FORGET."

The Lord has blessed all of us with different spiritual gifts. This is mine.

So since I am already snapping pictures, I thought, voila. 31 Days of Dorked Out Halloween Dressing? Maybe. How about 31 Days of Mornings! Snap a photo, gussy it up in Picasa, slap it on the blog. This, I can handle! And most of the photos will be of my kids and that will make my mom very happy.

I missed days 1 and 2 but I got yesterday:

And today

31 Days for Dummies, y'all. I got it covered.


  1. This is genius! I can't even read about the same topic for 31 days (sorry everyone!) let alone write about it...but this? This is awesome :)

    1. I do so love being called a genius. It just doesn't happen that often.

  2. Ha ha -- for a second, I thought this was going to be one of those "read the entire Bible in 31 days" things that always make me feel exhausted and lame. Thank heavens it was something else entirely! Now, just promise you won't wait 31 days for Part Deux of the referral story . . .

    1. I tried the bible thing once. I ended up feeliong exhausted and lame.

  3. Suggestion "31 Ways to decorate," hang picture from the floor (Day 4)
    LOL....laughing WITH YOU, not at you! I love your blog.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! I love you REAL you are! We just moved this summer, too - don't worry about that picture from the floor!!!! We haven't even gotten the pictures out of the boxes yet! :-) Too many bigger priorities in life, like absentee husbands, sick kids and meeting friends for lunch!

  5. LOVE it!

    Sent my girl in her halloween shirt today because I feel as if you must get it worn as MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE DURING THE MONTH!! OCD I know.

    Happy Picturing.

    1. That's not OCD - that's getting your money's worth! ;) I sent my little girl to preschool in her pumpkin shirt the other day for your same reasons. :)

  6. Love this Missy! Another reason why your readers love YOU - you are real and we can all so totally relate!!

    (Eager to hear the Bethie update too!) :)

  7. Hey! Thanks for the mention (I'm doing "Slow Down & Savour)! I totally waffled on whether or not to do the 31 Days thing 'cause I didn't think I could stick with it...and I totally skipped days 6 & 7 (Canadian Thanksgiving = busy weekend). Anyway - Halloween outfits are so fun! And let's be honest, the blogosphere could always use a little more fun :)



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