Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 14 - Invisible Friends become real

Had lunch yesterday with blog readers Karna and Sarah and Karna's beautiful kids. They were crazy enough to email me and ask if I wanted to have lunch. I was crazy enough to say sure.  

But kids, you should never, ever, ever meet up with random people you meet on the internet. Even if they seem real nice. Only mommies can do that. Got it? Good. 

I adored them. And Shep and Eli began a bromance. Which was good because on the way to the restaurant, I got my first "Mom, I'm growing up, and you still treat me like a little kid!" from Shep. Then a few minutes later he told me "You're ruining my life!"

If there are Mom Merit Badges, I just earned two.

After lunch we went to Savers to buy Shep a costume that was scary enough that he didn't pout but not so scary that I need to call an exorcist. Or a shrink for Maggie. Who might already need one because she's scared of clowns and Shep and Eva Rose think singing "Dun dun dunna nunna dun dun dun-na" and watching her scream is fun.

After much debate we settled on the Grim Reaper. I wasn't thrilled about it, but compared to his first choice, Zombie Soldier, it seemed mild. Plus, a Grim Reaper with Hollywood kid hair is just not scary. But don't tell him that.

So last night we took the Grim Reaper, a unicorn, a dragon, and Hermione to a Halloween party thrown by one of Shep's classmates. There I met my son's crush, Anna, who I must say is beautiful. He does have good taste. Her parents and I giggled as he followed her around all night and even opened the door for her.

He's right. He is growing up.

Hey Grim Reaper, Hell called, they need their spray gel back!


(but isn't that patio awesome?)


  1. LOVE Karna and Sarah!! I was so jealous when I heard you all were having lunch together! We all used to attend church together before the Lord called both my husband and Karna's into pastoral ministry in different states.
    Small, small world. :)

  2. I also went to church with Glenna and Karna and still do with Sarah. So, so happy they got to meet you! You are "our friend, Missy" that most of our friends talk about like we really know you. I sent Sarah a text yesterday that you now you are going to be "real friends." You are AWESOME for making time to meet with them! I hope she told you that thanks to you have been addicted to blogs. Yours was the first I started reading several years ago and spent many a Sunday afternoon hours being encouraged and edified and laughing so hard reading your posts! Thanks!

  3. My son wants to go as a headless man . . . carrying his own head in his arms, of course. I may lack the technical skilz to help achieve that, however.

  4. Bromance for sure. As we got in the van Eli was asking if your kids could come to their house for a play date. On another note, I'm so glad you're crazy!

  5. That patio IS awesome! And I am strangely glad that my son seems behind in life compared to the blogs I read about boys his same age ;)



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