Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 17 - Proverbs 32 Woman gets her craft on

Y'all are probably thinking that today's biggest news is last night's debates. But alas you'd be so mistaken.

Here is what the media and twitter and facebook should be exploding about:

There's a wreath on my front door, and I made it myself. 

You probably thought that I had to go buy stuff but au contraire. When I was packing up the last house, I found so many discarded body parts of Wreaths We Never Knew, that all I needed for this piece of art was a spool of ribbon.

I love wreaths, with all their circular hominess, I gush mightily when I see a pretty one on the door of someone's house. I'd love to buy one of those pre-fab wreaths but oh my word. Now I was an English major. Math is not one of my spiritual gifts. So how some twisted grapevine or compacted hay plus made in China flowers add up to $85 or more is beyond my skill set.

Therefore I have spent a good bit of time and money scouring my Pinterest app in the allergy aisle at Hobby Lobby fantasizing about all the wreaths I could make myself! For so much less! Especially with a 40% off coupon! I buy beautiful accoutrement (being all crafty makes me want to talk in French for some reason) and then I get home and. And. You know. Pack all the flowers and feathers up five years later when I move.

Maybe that's why they cost so much. $10 material, $10 labor, $65 dollars sheer ambition. 

(Oh, so that's why I'm not a rocket scientist.)

There's a reason that I have a Pinterest board called Someday I'll Be Crafty. If you click over there today you will see a wide assortment of burlap wreaths because guess what I've managed to acquire in the short amount of time we've been within distance of an Austin Hobby Lobby?

Someday these ingredients will materialize into a work of gushable door art.

But probably not in 2012.

Because Christmas is coming, which as you know is sweeps season for wreaths. Better get to Hobby Lobby today if there's any chance of de-nakeding my door by December!



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