Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 18 - A might fortress is our Mags

She sleeps in the top windowed bunk of a dollhouse bed. It is her own private haven, a retreat for the only introvert in a family of six. She has filled it with so many pillows and blankets and stuffed animals that on the admittedly rare occasion when I climb up there for the intense feat of changing her sheets I giggle the entire time.

At night when she cries out Mama in her sleep I reach my hand through the window and grope amongst the lumps until I find a little head or arm to comfort. 

She sighs and slips away again.

Oh, how I love this baby girl.


  1. So cute! As an introvert, I appreciate your heart in understanding her need for private space and time. Such a good mom!

  2. Love the title. We named one of our daughters Jordan. Whenever we sing On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand, she gets a gleam in her eye. The song is more accurate than anyone knows. :)

  3. We've got one introvert here (as far as the kiddos anyway), sometimes I find it hard to find quiet and space for him.

  4. She looks just like Walker in that picture. (A little girl version)



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