Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 24 - dreaming of little girls in little dresses

I told y'all about how Smockaholics (the consignment sale I own in Houston) has just been a slap in the face to me the past five sales. Surrounded by little girl clothes, but not able to buy any. TORTURE.

September's sale was less tortuous. I was just kinda numb. Whatever, none of these (gorgeous) clothes even look cute to me. What. Ever.

That's how jaded I was.

Then I saw a little dress.

It was brown, which I love, and orange, which I love, and retro, which I love.

And I imagined it on a little bown skinned girl, with big afro hair, with a big brown headband.

I bought it. Even though it was a 3T, and I was thinking Bethie was 4 or 5, I took a risk.

Six days later we got our referral for a 2 year old.

A 2 year old who, next year, is gonna look SO CUTE IN THIS DRESS I WON'T BE ABLE TO STAND IT.


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