Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 25 ~ Ten years of this

I was looking for my recipe on here for crockpot tortilla soup (it's what's for dinner) and I came across this, which my husband emailed me 3 years ago to express his love for me. Oh wait, I got that backwards.

Better stay away from North Korea. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.


  1. Good Grief. I've never laughed so hard!!!! That was awesome!

  2. You two make a stunning couple. I have always thought that Walker was a stunner, and then I met you at Jason and Molly's. Great match! The Big Boss knows what He is doing and then He blessed you with great kids!!!!

  3. Oh man, now I want to try that. I love the delivery :D

  4. Hee hee hee hee. I have to have a go at that ;-)

  5. What a depth of EMOTION in her voice and oh, the waves of it spreading across her perfectly round face! This was truly a touching {ahem} piece of animated instruction on what a man wants to hear. One question, though. I'm not sure the ways and means of generating such characters, but if this were a man's fantasy, i'm assuming the woman was, in her "culture", wearing nothing? If so, it's a nearly flawless portrayal of all a man could ever want out of a wife.



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