Sunday, October 21, 2012

What I'm into today

Believe me, I know I owe you/me/everybody part 3 of the referral story. I know. I just haven't had an extra 2-3 hours to write it.

We just got back from a family reunion in Tenaha, Texas. Which is five hours away. Which means we spent ten hours in a car with six bladders and six tummies and four children who consider bickering a competitive sport. Which means my neck muscles are so tense right now I would give away one of said kids for a good backrub. Which my husband might do for me if ten hours in a car hadn't killed the romance between us as well, at least for the evening.

It's gonna be a long, long, looooong ride to Ethiopia, y'all.

So how about a little What I'm Into Now, a great idea I am shamelessly copying from my friend Megan. Because this is easy. And my shoulders are aching.

Books I'm reading: I'm finishing up several before I dive full on into the adoption/Ethiopia books.

Water, by Bapsi Sidhwa. This is the story of a little girl who becomes a widow at the age of seven, and what it means to be a widow in India. I am loving this book because I knew nothing about the horrible plight of India's widows - even if they were only children when they were married. It has improved some since this book's setting in the 1930s, but not much. Intrigued? Read this article.

I'm also finally reading Stuff Christians Likeand giggling and blushing so, so much. Blushing because man, I didn't know I was such a stereotype! If you haven't read it, treat yourself.

Netflix I'm watching: Walker and I are addicted to Breaking Bad. It's gritty and so dark and I have to turn away at some parts but it is also simply brilliant writing. And often hysterical.

I recently watched a documentary called Pink Ribbons Inc about the breast cancer 'business' that forever changed the way that I will view a pink ribbon. In my opinion, this a must-see for women. 

Movie I wish someone would come babysit my kids so I could go see with my husband:  We want to see The Master so bad. It's about L Ron Hubbard and Scientology - and y'all know I have a fascination with cults.

Podcasts I'm listening to: Thank you, Apple, for the new Podcast icon. It almost makes me forgive you for adding the address of every single facebook friend into my gmail auto-complete. Because you really thought I'd want 700 addresses in there? Really, Apple?

Jessica told me that I had to listen to Austin's Stone's series on Idolatry and wow. Zingers GALORE y'all. Hello, I'm Missy, and the Approval segment kicked my butt. Highly recommend. 

Also, the Tim Keller podcast on Spiritual Warfare from July 3 is fantastic.

Just a couple of timely links: 

The Church + Politics = A MESS! Oh how many times can I AMEN this? I cringe for months every election season when I see Christians 'evangelize' for their candidate. {shudder} 

The Inconvenient Truth About Your Halloween Candy and Forced Child Labor Chocolate doesn't taste so sweet anymore. If the fact that Halloween candy is full of artificial ADHD causing chemicals hasn't already turned you off, maybe the image of little African slaves making it will.

If y'all have any alternatives for trick or treaters, please leave them in the comments.

Alright, that totally wore me out. Night y'all.


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