Wednesday, November 21, 2012

7 by Jen Hatmaker on sale TODAY ONLY

My friend (and now my preacher wife, which cracks me up) Jen's book is on sale today in Kindle format for only for $4.99. Click that link up there.

In case y'all don't know what the book is about: "7 is the true story of how Jen (along with her husband and her children to varying degrees) took seven months, identified seven areas of excess, and made seven simple choices to fight back against the modern-day diseases of greed, materialism, and overindulgence."


It is also excessively funny and excessively fun to read.

Here's what I suggest:
  • If you haven't read it, buy it today, but don't read it till Thursday night. Because Thanksgiving is the one day where I believe we get a pass on mutinizing excessive consumption. I myself intend to consume an excessive amount of broccoli rice casserole and then excess out some more on cornbread dressing.
  • But be sure and read it before you Black Friday. Saw this on facebook and it just about summed it up

can I get an amen?
  • You can gift this to lots of people for Christmas. Which is perfect, because it keeps you from spending excessive amounts of money and them having excessive books lying around their house.
  • If you haven't gotten a Kindle yet, buy this, and then you'll, like, have to get one. Let Santa know that. I know I sound a little hypocritical but, everything in moderation. Ilovemykindlefire. 
Free Homeschool Deals also has some great free Kindle books listed.
Yeah, you need a Kindle.
Most of these freebies are one day only so hurry.

Off to the beach. Next stop, Ethiopia!

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!!


  1. I keep hearing about this book and wanting to read it, and NOW you have given me the perfect excuse! Downloading now....

  2. Can't say "Amen", gotta say OUCH!

    Checking it out. . .

  3. Thank YOU so much (and OUCH) for mentioning Free Homeschool Deals. xoxo



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