Monday, November 5, 2012

Referral Games Part 3

If you haven't already, you really need to read Part One and Part Two of this story to refresh your memory. I know I needed to.

So last I left you I was wee bit flustered in the checkout line at HEB.

Lindsay's initial earth shattering email had said, if you are interested in hearing more about her medical background, then please let me know. I had emailed her from HEB, at 2:55pm to be exact, "Please send info!!!!" Then I got the kids from school. Then Maggie cried because her baby sister wasn't waiting in the back seat.

I managed to not have an accident as I drove them home and told them they didn't have to do any chores just go play just go Momma needs to use the phone.  I sat on this swingset

seen in the photo which I had just taken to update our third count em third homestudy, and called Walker called Walker, GOLFING Walker, who miraculously answered his phone to hear me scream something to the effect of "WE HAVE A REFERRAL THIS IS IT OH MY GOSH THIS IS IT WHERE ARE YOU WE HAVE IT SHE'S 23 MONTHS CAN YOU HEAR ME I'M GETTING MORE INFORMATION OH MY GOSH!!!! YOU'RE! NOT! HERE!!!!"


Moved to the above chair with the pillow in it where I had just sat the night before eating homemade ice cream with new friends from church Jessica and Stacey and whining that I doubted we'd have a referral by Christmas. Phone call to Lindsay to ask how exactly how this works. She said that if we were interested in obtaining more information, she would de-identify it (think Sharpie through names) and send it all to me. Then she suggested that I show it to a doctor, and if after discussing her file with our pediatrician, we felt comfortable with accepting the referral, then she could send us identifying information, like PHOTOS OF OUR DAUGHTER.

So. I needed to get the info emailed to me, find a pediatrician to look at it, decide if we still wanted to proceed, and then get back to Lindsay.

And it was already almost 4pm.
On a Friday.

"Oh, Lindsay," I said. "What if I can't find a doctor? You're not gonna make me wait until Monday to see her face, are you?"

Lindsay paused. "Just see what you can do."

And I thought, girrrll...I hope you don't have a hot date tonight, because I will stalk you down.

I hadn't even chosen a pediatrician in Austin yet. So I began frantically calling my two good pediatrician friends, John, a dermatologist in San Antonio via his wife Lauren and Jill Ann, in Houston. Tracking them down, asking them to be on standby to review some African medical forms at 4:00 on a Friday afternoon and if you could pretty please get back to me by five that would be swell. 

Finally, Lindsay got all the papers sent to me, at around 4:15. Moved back to swingset. I forwarded the info to Walker and to John (I was waiting on Jill Ann's email address) and then began to wade through it, swinging, on my iPhone, in the back yard. Why didn't I come inside to the big computer instead of reading handwritten Ethiopian documents on a three inch screen? I dunno. My epidural hadn't kicked in. Wasn't thinking straight.

Baby girl had a rough, early start of it and due to her prematurity, had some issues. Some tests had been run to make sure the issues weren't serious, and while some big words were thrown about, what I determined quickly was that all the tests had revealed that her big words were very minor, as in, so minor, your kid might have had them. I have had several friends who have the same big words. It wasn't anything I needed a pediatrician to tell me was okay - I could tell it was okay. She was okay. She was fine. For us, she was perfect.

Called Lindsay back. "So basically all this tons of testing said is that she's basically healthy, right? Am I reading this right?" (Basically healthy, because all orphans have a list of medical issues.)

Lindsay confirmed that was pretty much the case.

"I don't need a pediatrician to look at it. We want her."

Night Missy is going be good and go to bed now. Part 4, where I see her face for the first time, still to come.


  1. Don't keep us waiting, girl! Finish the story!!

    1. I've got to volunteer at school tomorrow at 8...I will, I promise, I want to finish it tomorrow in case we travel soon!!!!

  2. I am dying! (As if I am the one who has really been waiting...ha!)Love the story...can not wait to hear more!

  3. And then you sent a text to your good friend Sandy, who squealed in delight with you and also cried...

    (just trying to give you a good intro for Part 4)

  4. AAAHHHHH!!! - I read each line like a speed demon them reread it slowly so I could actually read it - you are killing me with this whole part 1, part 2, part 3 thing - I don't even know you, I found you through Dwija, but I feel like I'm sitting next to you while this is happening - please know that we are all waiting and praying ever so happily for you - jen

  5. Agh! I need more of this story! Loving it!!

  6. Oh, Missy, I am SO happy, but you are KILLING us! Woo-hoo for GOD!!!

  7. Oh, come ON!!! Part FOUR? You tell Night Missy to assert herself and tell Day Missy to quit her whining about the tiredness and blah blah blah. :) Okay, maybe Day Nancy is a little bit un-caffeinated and needs to pipe down, already. Translation: I can't wait to read Part 4!

  8. i'm so loving this 'series'!!! thanks so much for sharing your story. loving it and praying for you all!!

  9. You are a mean and terrible person. Just sayin' I have limited screen time because all these dang kids want me to actually parent them and all. I want to read THE GOOD STUFF all at once! So, get with it, woman! :)



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