Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Referral Games Part 4

After I told Lindsay that yes, oh yes, we wanted this little girl, we had to coordinate a conference call with Golfing Walker so that she could go over the referral with us and SEND US THE PICTURES. 

Remember when I told you about how every adoptive family dreams of The Call? And how in the dream, I was waiting demurely at home looking all cute next to my cute husband? Remember how we'd glow and pirouette and the birds would come lay wreathes of roses on our heads and stuff like that?

The reality was JUST LIKE THAT! See? 

As I jete' about the yard in a black muumuu, my hands gracefully poised in frustrated angst. 

Okay maybe my little 'housedress' is not technically a muumuu because it isn't covered with flowers but it's so tacky and shapeless that I'm positive Mrs. Roper would fight me for it. 

It was definitely not what Wardrobe had chosen for the fantasy photo shoot.

And the magical photographer elves who would appear to capture the moment had gotten other jobs with faster agencies a couple of years ago, the traitors. Which meant that I had to go next door to my new neighbor Kim and ask if she would mind coming over and taking a picture of our family (sans GOLFING WALKER) seeing Bethie for the first time. But her camera battery wasn't charged. 

So the photo shoot equipment for one of the most wonderful moment's of our lives? Her 12 year old daughter's iPod. 

In that photo above Walker is explaining that his phone is dead and I need to give Lindsay Dave's number. I rounded up the kids from the neighborhood diaspora as the paparazzi fired away.

Children gathered and sweaty, we parked in front of the computer

and I sat down, with my skirt hiked up so high, that I had to retouch it in Picasa to keep this blog G rated.

Because that's truly what most people's referral viewing photos are lacking - sex appeal. 
A little leg never hurt a good adoption story, did it??

We got Walker on the line in Cally

and then I got disconnected

and reconnected.

And then, before my eyes, appeared the precious face of my daughter whom I've dreamed of, longed for, pined for and prayed for for three long years.

And she's beautiful. 

And together the six of us laughed and ooooooed and ahhhhed and giggled and cried and knew that this little girls was ours. 

So what now?

We are waiting on a court date. We were submitted to court on October 19 but there is a new form that the government is requiring, so we are 'on hold'. However, I was informed that the missing paper was submitted on Friday, so I am waiting for the phone to ring.

People have been given as little as A WEEK to get to court, so we could literally be in Ethiopia NEXT WEEK. I'm hoping not, that would just about give me a nervous breakdown. The week after that is Thanksgiving and we will be at Galveston in a beach house with my mom like we always are, and I'd hate for the kids to miss that.  So as much as I want to go, the best timing for our family is after Thanksgiving.

There are two court dates. We only have to attend the second one. At the first one, her family will appear in court to relinquish rights. In this case, the relative representing her is a relative of her mom's, because her mother died in childbirth. Our court date will be assigned some days after that.

Assuming all goes well and we pass court, we will wait for an Embassy date to be assigned to us. This is when the American Embassy in Addis Ababa issues her a new birth certificate and a visa so that she can travel. It is taking about six weeks from court for us to be invited to request a date. We get to choose this date, which is great. So I *think* we should travel to bring her home in January or early February.

Thank you SO much for all your prayers over the past three years! I can't even begin to say thank you. You have sustained me and encouraged me more than you will ever know! In so many ways, this is your baby too!

I have so much more to tell you about how God has already showed us that this IS Bethie!

Until then, do you have any questions for me?


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