Saturday, November 17, 2012

Share the love, share the joy, share the anxiety attacks

Yes, highlights was on my to-do list. Priorities, y'all.

You. Guys.

Y'all have been with me through thick and thin in this adoption. From the moment that we announced, oh so many moons ago, through the preparations, the frustrations, the ups, the downs, and finally the joy, y'all have walked every step with me, encouraging me, celebrating with me.

This is why I only think it is proper that you, precious invisible friends, now become an overwhelmed shoulders tensed teeth clenching zits erupting complete freaked out stressbags with me too. 

So here's what you need to do. Every morning, about 5am, wake up and think "Why am I awake? I'm so tired. Go to sleep. 100, 99, 98, 97 wait where are the passports? 96, 95 maybe God woke me up because I am supposed to pray. Dear Lord, please, oh please watch over our girl and help me to SHOOT I forgot to order a new tolltag will we go through any tolls on the way to Houston? 100, 99, 98 can I stop our mail online or do I have to go to the post office? Dear Lord, calm my heart and OH must remember to wrap a present for that birthday party Ike was invited to 96, 95..."

Okay. So. We need to make a list. I keep meaning to make a list but then I get distracted by a kid or facebook or something. Must make a list.

Let's make a list. Lists are good. 

Let's start with the things we have DONE. To make ourselves feel better.

  • Bought a new used car. 
  • Sold a car on Craig's List
  • change title to new used car I went down there and there was a mistake on the title pfffft see below
  • un-Halloween the house
  • Buy our plane tickets YEA!
  • Load a bunch of books onto Eva's Kindle 
  • Load a bunch of books onto my Kindle
  • Ordered DVDs for the plane ride
  • got my highlights redone to cover the gray. We don't want Bethie to think her momma's a grandma, y'all.  
  • ponder the bizarre-ness of paying as much for highlights as some people make in 6 months in Ethiopia
  • pray for a world where everyone can afford highlights
  • bought some stuff for donations
  • got antibiotics etc to take with us
  • Walker got his shots. Only three years after I originally told him to.
  • confirmed kids have had Hep A vax. They got Hep B too, so they can shoot up heroin now without getting hepatitis, so there's that
  • emailed teachers about days kids will be absent
  • emailed landlord about fixing fireplace AGAIN
  • bought snacks for Ethiopia
  • some Christmas shopping (did you see giant puppy on facebook? It's like adopting another kid. Only he's bigger than Bethie.)
  • order Eva's glasses to replace the ones she broke that had replaced the ones she broke (that's three pairs in two weeks, thankyou)
  • go to Costco to get new Roomba (our Roomba is another member of the family. He quit sucking stuff up. So I'm exchanging him. That's how I treat family.)
  • registered trip with Embassy in Ethiopia
  • ordered cool Olivia Newton-John in her safari stage day backpack
  • borrowed duffle bags from Ginny
Huh. We actually have accomplished a little. Don't we feel better now?

  • contact the guy who sold us the car and explain what an idiot I am and ask him to redo all the paperwork so I can change the title
  • make & sign medical release forms for the grandmas
  • order new toll tag
  • go to WalMart to pick up Eva's glasses
  • buy earbuds for plane
  • think about how much I hate WalMart
  • turn off mail
  • scan new UCIS paperwork and email to Lindsay
  • go to bank to get that UCIS thing notarized (this will be the third or fourth time we've gotten this same form notarized, thankyou)
  • redo UCIS fingerprint request 
  • read Lindsay's email from four days ago about all the stuff I need to do before we leave 
  • email Lindsay back
  • try and get schedule for Ethiopia from Gladney
  • fill out Immigration forms to take over on this trip
  • go by Noonday to pick up the Bethie beads Jessica is giving me
  • pack me + four kids for Galveston
  • pack me + two kids for Ethiopia
  • pack carry-ons for Ethiopia
  • pack checked luggage for Ethiopia
  • try not to hyperventilate
  • buy more stuff for donations
  • book our room at Bethel guest house Thank you Carrie!!
  • figure out immigration papers
  • make sure all bills are paid
  • laundry
  • buy probiotics for all of us
  • buy new jeans letting this dream die
  • go to grocery store
  • buy & wrap presents for Ike & Maggie for all the days that we're gone
  • get present for Kate's birthday party
  • RSVP for Kate's birthday party
  • order kids' yearbook
  • get cash for Ethiopia
  • send itinerary to grandmas
  • buy rope?? or something to tie luggage to top of Expedition
  • ask engineer next door neighbor if he has any idea how to tie luggage to top of Expedition
  • empty DVR of all the football games and Monsters Inside Me so that new stuff will be recorded. Don't watch any Monsters Inside Me before going to Africa. Just don't.
  • write instructions for Grandmas for when we're gone
  • GO PICK UP PRESCRIPTION sheesh Missy it's been a week
  • download Maggie's videos off her LeapPad
  • laundry
  • go through this huge stack of papers by the computer
  • buy some dry shampoo
  • breathe deep 
  • order photos to leave with Bethie
  • pick up photos and put in album
  • get diapers for Ethiopia down from attic
  • call ATT to figure out what to do with our iPhones when we're there
  • call credit card to see what benefits we get in airport
  • call 2 doctors for test results 
  • go to Target
  • buy adapter
  • make sure adapter works with laptop
  • borrow cellphone from Shelley
  • buy travel-y stuff
  • buy more travel-y stuff
  • call KLM and ask if they still have blankets and pillows on board They do. THANK YOU facebook friends for investigating
  • make appts in Houston for after Christmas
  • set up blog for when I'm gone - oh goodness. 
  • investigate downloading season 5 of Breaking Bad
  • Start on the Hague training that we've been putting off for 3 years - oh my skull I keep forgetting about that
  • Clean house so it is decent when we come home
  • laundry
  • Install Skype - farming out to Walker
  • take Ike & Maggie to Build a Bear as guilt offering for not taking them to Ethiopia
  • breathe in. breathe out. 

So we're kinda busy.

And did I tell y'all we have dinner guests tonight? We have dinner guests tonight. So I need to go to HEB too.

Okay, we obviously need to get off the Internet.

Ethiopia people, if I have left anything off my list - or if you have an super cool travel tips - please let me know.



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