Friday, November 23, 2012

Ten reasons why it's easy to love Walker Dollahon

  1. Because he's taught me the magic power of two words: I'm sorry. Once shortly after our marriage I was really, really wrong. He was wrong too, my my wrongness trumped his by a long shot. Instead of arguing my point I thought I'd try swallowing my pride and my excuses and simply saying, "I'm sorry." He instantly forgave me. I couldn't believe how easy that was. 
  2. Because he always forgives me, instantly. Even when I don't say those words.
  3. Because he has proven a hundred times over the past ten years that there is comedic genius in a perfectly timed fart noise when a TV or movie character bends over. The more intense the scene, the more hilarious. 
  4. Because he loves my babies as much as I do, and he's giving them my sons and daughters alike the model for how men are to treat women.
  5. Because no matter how angry I am at him, I cannot not smile when he dares me not to smile. If I'm not ready to make up I have to just leave the room.
  6. Because he's taught me that it's better to just let him make me smile and make up. 
  7. Because he'll try anything once and twice if he likes it, whether it's eating fried grasshoppers or adopting kids from Ethiopia.
  8. Because he believes in overpaying everyone who does good work for us, whether it's a waiter, a contractor, or a missionary.
  9. Because he never tries to change me. He loves me just because I'm his.
  10. Because he thinks I'm beautiful, and I know this, because he tells me almost every day.

Because ten years ago today, he made me the happiest girl in the world.
Because he still does.


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