Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Welcome inside my brain

Maggie this summer on a plane. I bet Breaking Bad would have kept her awake. For years. With nightmares.

Okay you wanna know what's really funny, or maybe you won't think it's funny, but I saw in my blog drafts that I had started a post called "welcome inside my brain" and I thought, huh what's that, and then when I clicked on the post it was empty. BAHAHAHA! Yes, as my friend Scott used to say, I can amuse myself endlessly.

I have a sinus headache coming on TOO BUSY TO GET SICK so instead of gracing the world with a little of my insightful prose (ha) I am calling it a night. Just one Breaking Bad and then we're done.

On that note, I asked on my facebook page - have you joined that? I wish you would, because I use it half the time to ask y'all questions like what hair product will de-frizz my hair and I could use your brains on there - anyway I asked what DVDs I should buy to watch on the plane to Ethiopia. I need something as good as Breaking Bad as far as cliffhanger-ness goes. One of those that makes you say "Gasp! just one more!" even when it's past your bedtime. Something that makes me happy to be on a plane for 23 hours with two children because it means I am forced to watch good TV. Like when I had the flu, and had to watch every season of Mad Men over the course of five days. That was fun.

Kinda. Aside from the feeling like dog part.

Here were the suggestions y'all gave me:

  • 24 - seen it. 24 to me will always be all-nighters with a new baby Sheppy. 
  • BBC Sherlock - seen it. It's brilliant.
  • Walking Dead - Walker has been watching this but I am too squeamish. She said, after watching the bathtub scene in Breaking Bad. I know, I know. But oddly, once you get past that, Breaking Bad is not very violent. Or it is PG-13 violence. I've had to cover my eyes when Tuco goes crazy, but that's about it. And I've learned so much about cooking meth, if Walker ever loses his job... ;)
  • Downton Abbey - oh, how I wish I hadn't seen it, because it truly would make me enjoy a plane ride. Ahhhh, Downton Abbey, I miss you so much. When does it start back up again?
  • Sons of Anarchy - this was too expensive, but it is in our Netflix queu to watch when we get back. I can never spell queue. Except there, I just did. Gooooooo Missy.
  • Boss - what is this?
  • Alias - saw it a long time ago, after 24 was over. I thought it was just okay.
  • Dexter - I can't watch Dexter. I tried. I love the premise (a psychopath with a heart of gold) but it was too graphic for me. 
  • Prison Break - That looks fun.
  • Homeland - what's this one?
  • Justified - this looks good too
  • Boardwalk Empire - what's that?
  • Damages - what's this?

And the winner is - The Wire.  Both my friends Pam and Jana swore that The Wire is excellent - "profound" Jana said. Big word there. I just ordered both seasons 1 and 2 on DVD so we can watch them on our laptop. I could have downloaded them to the Kindle, but that was more expensive and I don't want them forever. I should be able to sell these back.

I also got season 1 of Lost. Walker watched several seasons of Lost but I never did. The DVDs were super cheap, like $5. I've seen the plane crash scene so hopefully I can skip that since I'll be, like, flying on a plane.

Okay. Nyquil and Mr. White and Jesse are calling. Night y'all.


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